Off-campus shooting at apartment complex concerns students after no Rowan Alert

The address at Park Crest Village apartments is considered off-campus but is only 0.9 miles from Rowan Boulevard. - Photo / Google Maps

At approximately 2:03 p.m. on Sunday, March 5, Glassboro police responded to a shooting that took place at 275 High St East, according to the dispatch report. The incident took place at Park Crest Village, an apartment complex located close to Rowan’s campus.

According to Google Maps, the address is exactly a mile from Rowan University’s Chamberlain Student Center. No Rowan students were involved nor were they notified about the incident.

According to the CAD Activity Detail Report from the Glassboro Police Department, a man stated that he was shot in the neck. The report also indicates that the suspect fled the scene prior to police arrival. This is still an ongoing investigation and the severity of the victim’s injuries has not been confirmed by police. 

Safety alerts are sent to students when a crime occurs on campus, or slightly off campus. But in this case, there were no alerts sent out. According to Reed Layton, senior director of Public Safety at Rowan University, it was because the incident was a domestic case.

“It’s so far away from the campus that we’re not required by law to issue any warnings. Our auditor who tells who does our auditing from the federal government, says unless you have a fact that you know that person left Park Crest is driving close to your campus, then you put it out, other than that, there’s no need to put it out,” said Layton.

Despite the fact that this incident did not involve any Rowan students, some students have expressed their concerns about off-campus shootings.

“I think it’s super important that we get to know about these things because it is part of the community. Even if you do live off campus, you still are in our community and coming into our territory and as a college student, a younger college student like me, like that could be intimidating,” said Bella Campo, a freshman musical theater major. 

Just earlier this semester, there was a shooting on Carpenter Street, and right before students left for break a homicide took place off campus on University Boulevard. These streets are not directly on campus but less than a mile from where students live.

Another Rowan student, Chris Mallo, a junior political science major, has expressed concern about incidents like these, as he plans to live off campus.

“I’m planning on living in a townhouse next year that’s a mile off campus. I heard about stuff like that, I’m still a student, and I’m still concerned. A lot of Rowan students live in that area too. So it’s definitely concerning,” said Mallo.

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