Off-campus homicide on University Boulevard raises concerns about the safety of Glassboro

A Rowan University Police Cruiser. - Photo / Nick Feldman

On Friday, Dec. 9, 2022, the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office issued a press release about a homicide that took place on University Boulevard. The crime did not involve any Rowan University students but occurred in an area where many off-campus students reside.

After a report of gunshots occurred around 1:06 a.m., the Glassboro Police arrived at the scene where they found 22-year-old Travon A. Barker-Bordley dead in a second-floor bedroom with gunshot wounds. 

The Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Activity Detail Report from the Glassboro Police Department noted that after arriving at the scene, “Caller thinks she heard gunshots from upstairs.”  The autopsy confirmed that it was a homicide. 

“Gloucester County Medical Examiner Dr. Gerald Feigin ruled the cause of death as multiple gunshot wounds and the manner of death as homicide,” the press release read.

Rowan students also received an alert via email from the university. It reassured students that the shooting took place off campus and that there was no risk to the community. 

However, students and staff that live in this area of town still felt a bit skeptical about the safety of the neighborhood. 

“There was the homicide, one block from my house basically, so it was slightly unnerving,” said Dan Mulley, a University Campus Minister. “I guess I do get the feeling… that there’s like a need for the university to feel like they have to like to save face and say ‘this was fully unrelated to us.’”

At this time, there have been no further updates, and officials from the Glassboro Police Department and Rowan Public Safety have both declined to comment on the incident. The incident is still being investigated.

Anyone with information about this crime should contact Detective Brandon Cohen from the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office, Corporal Hailey Mangione from the Glassboro Police Department, or email the information to

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  1. If the residents of Glassboro are nervous now, just wait until the new rail is built from Camden. It’s only going to get 100% worse. For the normal folk, leave now while you can.