Rowan police officer struck by motorist on 322; currently in stable condition


A Rowan University police officer was struck by a motorist on Rt. 322 late on Saturday night. The officer was taken to Cooper University Hospital and was held for overnight observation, according to a report by

According to the article, at about 10 p.m. on Saturday, Rowan police officer, Russell Carmolingo, pulled a vehicle over on 322 near Gerard Avenue. While Carmolingo was speaking with the driver, a passing vehicle hit him. Carmolingo was immediately taken to Cooper Hospital with non-life threatening injuries and is reportedly in stable condition, said the article.

Carmolingo was said to have been talking to doctors when he arrived at the hospital, according to the article.

The accident remains under investigation, said the article. Rowan University spokespersons were unavailable this morning for comment.

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