Rowan police officer released from hospital; recovering at home


Officer Russell Carmolingo of the Rowan University police department is recovering after being accidentally struck by a driver last Saturday night. As reported earlier this week by The Whit, Carmolingo was conducting a standard vehicle stop on Route 322 near Girard Road when he was hit by a passing car. After being struck, he was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Reed Layton, the senior director of public safety at Rowan University, provided an update on Carmolingo’s recovery on Thursday.

“He was released from Cooper Trauma Center on Tuesday at approximately 1:30 p.m. in the afternoon,” Layton said. “He’s currently at home recovering.”

As of now, an investigation is currently pending. The investigation is being spearheaded by the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office with help from Detective Jack Manning of the Glassboro Police Department.

Layton said that while it was unfortunate the accident happened, Carmolingo’s strength and courage in the aftermath of the accident, as well as his physical training, helped to expedite his recovery process a great deal.

He also said that there was one key thing drivers should remember to do in order to avoid an incident like this in the future.

“The best tip would be as you approach and you do see the emergency lights, always go as slow as possible,” Layton said. “This way if something does happen, you can react.”

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