Miller: Who should the Eagles target in the NFL Draft

Eagles draft graphic. - Multimedia Editor / Drew Peltzman

The Philadelphia Eagles have some major needs in this year’s draft. Some positions that they may target include a cornerback, offensive lineman, and linebacker. There are a lot of good and talented prospects in the draft, so let’s take a look at who the Eagles can draft.

One prospect I like for the Eagles is cornerback Cooper DeJean from Iowa. He is very talented and can be a game-changer for the Eagles’ secondary. Not only does he play corner, but is versatile and can also play safety if needed. Philly could use a guy like this in the secondary, and he would pair well with the current defensive backs that the Eagles have at the moment. Darius Slay and James Bradberry are getting old too, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Howie Roseman would finally draft a corner in the first round.

Another prospect that I like for the Eagles is another cornerback, except this one’s from Alabama. Kool-Aid McKinstry is one of the best corners in the draft this year and would provide the Eagles with a physical toughness that they could use. Howie’s never been known to draft corners in the first round, but the talent of DeJean and McKinstry may force his hand.

Another target for the Eagles is Edgerrin Cooper, a linebacker out of Texas A&M. He plays fast, is physical and would be a great addition to this defense. The Eagles haven’t had a linebacker like him in a while and with the signing of Devon White, it would be nice to see the Birds finally have two talented linebackers. Just like corners, the Eagles don’t draft linebackers that early in the draft though, so it would be interesting to see if Roseman and the Eagles would use the 22nd overall pick on a linebacker.

The final prospect that would benefit the Eagles is Amarius Mims, an offensive lineman from Georgia. The offensive line is getting old, as we just saw with the retirement of Jason Kelce, and Lane Johnson probably isn’t too far behind him, so it would be beneficial if the Eagles prioritized their line early. We’ve seen it in years past too, taking both Cam Jurgens and Landon Dickerson in the second round of their respective drafts. Howie also loves his Georgia players, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they were interested in Mims.

After researching and learning about these talented prospects, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Philadelphia Eagles drafted any one of these prospects.

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