Sudden spike in parking violations causes frustration amongst commuter students


On Monday, April 8, many students who use the commuter parking lots returned to their vehicles to see parking tickets.

This sudden surge in ticketing shocked students, many of whom had to appeal their violations because they were unwarranted. 

But what could be the reason for the sudden surge in parking tickets? The Whit reached out to campus parking, but they declined to comment, leaving commuters in the dark and frustrated as they scramble to make appeals.

Rowan commuter students had thoughts as to why there was a sudden surge.  

Sophia Constantakos, a freshman psychology major, has found parking on campus difficult in general. 

“I think there’s multiple reasons,” said Constankos about the surge in ticketing. “Honestly, maybe a money grab. I’ve never been ticketed but I know multiple people that have been. My sister who goes here has been ticketed like two times, even though she has the sticker, and they said she parked in the wrong lot when she didn’t.” 

For Constankos, she believes the surge in ticketing is acting both as a way for the university to get extra money and to combat the lackluster commuter parking situation.

“The large parking behind the train tracks is so far from every class, and in every other lot, every spot is already taken. I’m not paying for parking, that’s not happening,” said Constankos. 

Another student, freshman Rebekah Allebach, also has concerns about parking on campus. She thinks commuter parking lots also need to be more clearly marked. She also believes there should be more commuter parking.

“If you don’t get here for an 8 a.m. class, by 9:30 a.m. it’s bumper to bumper, like, aggressive traffic in the parking lot. On my first day of classes last semester, I was literally in tears trying to find a parking spot, I can’t do this every day,” Allebach said. “It gets easier when people stop coming to classes but still, It’s crazy in general. You have to park so far away. Sometimes I have to park in parking garages even though I have a pass for a commuter because I’m just not going to get a spot.” 

Commuter students also took to their social media platforms to express their outrage over the sudden surge in ticketing. One student, freshman Lucas Alburtus, finds it ridiculous that not all students can even have a car on campus.

“I don’t know about other people but me personally, I got stuff to do that requires me to be mobile, and if they want to try and stop me from doing that, then I will not take kindly to it,” said Alburtus. “Getting two in the span of two days when finals are coming up.” 

With the end of the year approaching, many commuter students are frustrated with the current parking situation and hope that the university will address these problems and make changes for the upcoming fall.

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