Students celebrate student center expansion with time capsule event

The time capsule placed in the Student Center will be opened 50 years from now, 100 years after its opening. - Staff Writer / Erik Gil

On Thursday, Apr. 11, students and staff of Rowan University had the opportunity to write letters on postcards thinking about what their lives would be like in the year 2074 during the Chamberlain Student Center Time Capsule Event. It was a way to contribute to the time capsule honoring the University’s Centennial and Chamberlain Student Center’s 50th anniversary. 

People wrote what they would like to have accomplished for the next 50 years, their goals, and aspirations as Rowan students. The idea was proposed by the University’s Relations Department and the Chamberlain Student Center to commemorate the renovation’s role in Rowan’s history. The time capsule was made to commemorate the expansion of the building and to follow in 50 years what it will be like then. 

“It is exciting to think about the past of the building but also the future of the building. Students can come back in 10, 20 years and say that they put something in the time capsule and can reflect on the building but what life will be like in the future,” said Director of Chamberlain Student Center and Activities, Joseph Lizza.

In 1974, the Chamberlain Student Center was added to what was then called Glassboro State College. It has been a place throughout the decades for students of the past and present to connect, form memories, and celebrate the events that took place inside and around the building. 

The time capsule will be placed inside a wall at the student center outside of the ballroom and will be reopened in 2074, marking 100 years of the original year it was established.

“The Student Center has been a meeting place for students for 50 years now. Serving students and having it be the heart of campus. We keep looking forward to keep doing the same and see what the future holds till then,” said Associate Vice President of Student Life Drew Tenin.

Students also reflected on some of their views of what 50 years will be like for them. Junior Public Health Major, Lulu Gentile, hopes that in 50 years she will accomplish a lot in her life. 

“I’ll be in my 70s by then. I hope by then to have worked for the FDA or working for a governmental-type occupation. Have a family, travel, and just live life,” said Gentile.

Other students hoped to find connection and community with others in addition to career success.

“The time capsule is a great opportunity for us to reflect as students and we can look back in 50 years and see what we did with ourselves. I hope to immerse myself in a community. Whether it is being a teacher running a music program. Developing relationships between the teachers and students and succeed in life. I hope to have a sense of family whatever that looks like. I hope to have traveled by the next 50 years and just live life,” said Music Education major Erik Wagner.

The time capsule is a way for students and staff to reflect on the last 50 years of the student center but also Rowan as a whole. Remembering where they are now in life and where life will take in by 2074. The Student Center continues to be where memories are formed and where students can continue to be proud members of the Rowan community. 

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