Student-run app Circlez launches on the app store

Aiden Tahmazian pitches Circlez at the 2023 New Venture Expo. - Photo via Aiden Tahmazian

A new app co-founded by a Rowan student has recently launched.

Circlez is a social productivity app that allows users to create and track their goals with their friends, family, and peers based on shared interests.

The app was co-founded by sophomore engineering major Aiden Tahmazian and Sydney Wiredu, a sophomore neuroscience student at Harvard. The pair have been friends since middle school. 

“Circlez is the first social goal-setting app that is built for Gen-Z, by Gen-Z. Using this gamified social app, users will become more productive and will be more encouraged to dream and act big,” Wiredu said.

Growing up, their friends would all share their goals and visions for the future with one another. Once college started, Tahmazian began to notice how alienated people can feel when they are removed from the comfort of home and separated from their friends. He says that the idea for Circlez was sparked by Wiredu and his high school experiences and the desire to foster positive connections for other students at college.

“Throughout high school, we had this big group chat that we used, and we just sent each other our goals and were honest and open about our progress and what we were hoping to achieve,” Tahmazian said. “It was very successful for us, and so when we got to college, Sidney and I realized that there’s a lot of kids suffering from burnout, due to the fact that we were in a new environment, and nobody really had those support groups around them. We thought back to our support group and how successful it was for us, and decided to bring that to life in the form of an app.”

The Circlez team has since grown to a total of five students representing universities including Rowan, Harvard, and Michigan State. The app has received funding and grants from the School for Innovation & Entrepreneurship(RCIE) AccelerateRU program and Harvard Innovation Labs. The app is also backed up by the Stanford Startup Society.

Circlez has also twice been awarded the Most Promising New Venture in the social category at the Rohrer New Venture Competition and will be competing in the competition again this year. The app will also be representing Harvard at the inaugural Pitch-A-Thon: The Beanpot of Ventures in Boston on Tuesday, April 2, one of just ten companies nominated for the competition.

“This year we’re hoping to compete for the first place prize in the New Venture competition that’s coming up in just a few weeks and we’re really excited for that,” Tahmazian said. “I’m flying out to Boston for a pitch competition there, and we’re one of ten companies from a school up in the Boston area that are competing, so we’re excited about that too.”

With Circlez launching just last week, both Tahmazian and Wiredu are eager for the future of their app and see how it helps young adults all across the country.

“Our app has a flourishing community of hundreds of like-minded users who are interested in becoming more productive and tracking their progress towards goals,” Wiredu said. “This app gives users a digital accountability system that they can draw on at any time for support and encouragement.”

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