Saxbys to open a new location with Student Center expansion

Saxbys sign in the Business Hall cafe. - News Editor / Madison Miller

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to correct the spelling of Saxbys, as it originally was spelled incorrectly as “Saxby’s.” This update also includes a clarification that Amanda Kaiser was the Student CEO for the Rowan College of Burlington County cafe.

A new Saxbys is opening at Rowan University along with the new Student Center and is set to open in the fall. Saxbys is entirely student-run and it’s been busy since it first opened. The original location at Rowan opened in the fall of 2020 and is now looking to expand.

Students who frequent the existing Saxbys location in the business hall know that Saxbys has it all. Whether you need a jump start to your day, or a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon, Saxbys is your one-stop shop. 

Now, hand-in-hand with the opening of the highly anticipated new student center, Saxbys is coming right to the center of all the action. 

The student center is right in the midpoint between a lot of the main campus buildings and serves as a hub for homework, clubs, and resting in between classes. This makes it the perfect spot for a Saxbys. 

Entrepreneurship major Amanda Kaiser, set to graduate in 2026, has had her hand in pretty much everything Saxbys related. Currently, Amanda serves in a role as team lead and certified recruiter. 

Amanda was also the student CEO at the Saxbys cafe at the Rowan College of Burlington County (RCBC) last semester. 

“Basically I was the general manager of the cafe. That entails creating schedules, doing inventory count, and delegating tasks” Kaiser said. 

For Kaiser, all of her roles at Saxbys have created incredible growth opportunities. 

“I’ve always wanted to own my own business, I think that this is an amazing opportunity to understand the management of a business. Finances, inventory, all things that are extremely important to know and are way easier to learn when it comes to being hands-on with it,” Kaiser said. “You can be taught anything in a classroom, but you’re really not going to understand it unless you’re doing it yourself.”

Saxbys allows students to grow skills in leadership and business while giving them real-world experience to put on their resumes, as well as internship opportunities. 

“Student CEO was an internship for me, it counted for nine credits. I only took one online class while I did this and I was a full-time student,” Kaiser said. 

Saxbys is looking forward to finding two new CEOs this coming fall semester. 

Even non-coffee drinkers love Saxbys. 

Dorian McFadden is in his sixth semester at Rowan as a writing arts and music major.

“I actually don’t like coffee,” McFadden said, but is interested in the student CEO position. “I’d be interested, I mean, if the positions open, I’d be willing to try out for it.”

Tyrell Dunn, a junior sports communication & media major also does not drink coffee but thinks Saxby’s is a great opportunity for students.

“I think student-run programs are what helps other students get involved,” Dunn said. “For example, RTN (Rowan Television Network) is all student-run and I see a whole bunch of students there, so I think student-run stuff is pretty dope.”

Tyrell also says he likes food and will be checking out the new Saxbys when it opens. 

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