Tech Day showcases innovation and student opportunities

"The computer science clubs around campus came together at Robison Hall on Friday, April. 12, for their Tech Day." - Staff Writer / Brendan Cohen

Technology has flourished and evolved by leaps and bounds. From the use of fire to electricity for light, technology has impressed billions worldwide. Even today, there has been technological advancement for everyone in the world, and here at Rowan University, it is no different. 

The computer science clubs around campus came together at Robison Hall on Friday, April. 12, for their Tech Day. Tech Day is a way to show students, mainly computer science majors how extraordinary technology can be and even the new advancements coming to companies everywhere. 

Coby Totland is not just a junior computer science major and homeland security minor but he is also the vice president of the Cybersecurity Club at Rowan University. He was one of the many people responsible for the event and explained what it meant to him.

“The significance of this event is basically trying to help broaden the alumni network here at Rowan University,” said Totland. “It is also trying to give students more communication abilities to communicate with professionals.” 

From all over the country, representatives from multiple tech companies and organizations such as XBOX, Microsoft, Vanguard, and many others came in to show students some new and exciting plans for their companies and in return hope to get to know about their work, and possibly get an internship with them. 

“It was honestly a lot of emailing,” said Totland. “We contacted the CS (Computer Science) department here at Rowan University… so it was like we already had them in our databases and whatnot.”

Totland further explained how there were organizations that attended happily and it was mainly a matter of reinviting them. 

One of the presenters was Elizabeth Dailey who is a cofounder of the CreateAccess company.

CreateAccess is a nonprofit organization that works with 3D creation through exposure education. Dailey presented how 3D creation can be put into video games such as Fortnite. During her presentation, Dailey presented a generated map of Robison Circle with some familiar faces that were coded and scanned into the game by the use of 3D creation. 

While presentations from organizations were happening, students were able to converse and get to know the other companies attending the event. Some were starting applications for internships and others were hoping to inspire students as well to continue with their hard work and efforts to get to where they want to be in the computer science field. Totland believed the turnout was the way he hoped it to be.

“It was a pretty good turnout,” said Totland. “I think the rain and finals hurt us a little bit, but nevertheless it was still a good turnout.” 

Tech Day is an event that happens every year, and the computer science department continues to work tirelessly to make sure events such as this one go off without a hitch. With the hope of bringing more students to these events, they can show off how amazing not just their students are, but how hard their department works as well.

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