Students have a blast at annual Hollybash

One of the main attractions at this year's Hollybash. - Staff Writer / Brendan Cohen

Every year, Rowan University holds one of the biggest events of the year, one that all students and faculty wait in anticipation for all semester. Everyone started wondering about the memories they would make, and how to end their semesters with a bang by attending the one and only Hollybash.

Students waited excitedly to attend this event hosted by Rowan’s RAH and SUP groups. All over the Hollybush Green, the area was aligned with games and attractions for all students and faculty to enjoy. Students got to tie-dye their own Hollybash t-shirt and wear it once it dried. 

Directional signs point to various activities at Hollybash. – Arts and Entertainment Editor / Al Harmon

Most students were excited about the annual attraction at Hollybash every year, a zip line. This zip line had a side-by-side track that students could go down either on their own or with their friends in a race. Students rode down the zip line with big smiles and laughs filling the air around them.

Jacob Sukoff, a sophomore sports communications major attended Hollybash with his friends, but he had so much trouble picking what he was most excited to do.

“I came for the music, having fun with my friends and just vibing,” Sukoff said. “I will probably just chill and relax. Listen to the music that people are performing.”

Students also waited to do attractions such as axe throwing to compete against their friends to see who could get a bullseye or land a target. If people weren’t into that and wanted to do something a little more artsy, there was a frisbee spin art station for students to color their frisbee by using the spin art mechanic.

Walking around, other students had body art on them ranging from a variety of colors, bright and vibrant. Some students even waited in line for name painting where artists drew out a person’s name and designed it based on the letter in the name.

A student waits to participate in the body art station. – Staff Writer / Brendan Cohen

Among all the main attractions, there was one that students enjoyed the most, going on over and over again. That’s right, students truly enjoyed their time on the Ferris wheel. All over the area students were laughing and talking as the wheel took them around multiple times.

Kevin Jenner, a junior radio, television, and film major couldn’t help but express his joy when he rode it. “It was a new attraction to me. Made for an interesting ride that me and friends did several times over. I think I rode it four times,” Jenner said.

Bubble-making activity offered at Hollybash. – Arts and Entertainment Editor / Al Harmon

Hollybash wasn’t just filled with rides and tye-dying. Students got to have some delicious food from countless food trucks, ranging from barbecue to a very big favorite, chicken and waffles. Students waited over 20 minutes to have that alone, but either way, everyone was so excited to have something new and exciting.

While students sat back and ate their food, they got to enjoy each other’s company and make new memories together. Some students also watched the live performances that were being offered by the university and student bands formed during the school year. Everyone was enjoying every song being played, and sometimes even sang along.

Hollybash was a surefire way to have a blast with the main attraction being later in the evening. Singer and artist Tori Kelly took the stage to perform, but everyone enjoyed their time hanging out and doing everything Hollybash had to offer even if it took all day.

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