Rowan’s Guitar Hero: Ethan Garcia & Spud Mack rock the Glassboro scene


Guitarist Ethan Garcia and his band Spud Mack have made quite the scene here in Glassboro. It speaks volumes when a band started here at Rowan makes such a big impression that they perform at Hollybash. Garcia and Spud Mack are shining examples of how far a group of individuals can go during their time here at Rowan as a result of their hard work and the amazing music scene here in Glassboro.

Garcia was born in Jackson, New Jersey, and attended Jackson Liberty High School before graduating and coming to Rowan to major in Music Composition. Garcia began playing guitar when he was 8 years old, but initially played a different instrument altogether. 

“My parents enrolled me and my brother in piano lessons when we were 6 and a couple of years later I just had an interest in learning guitar so I started taking lessons. I haven’t stopped playing guitar since and still enjoy playing just as much as when I first started,” Garcia said.

Garcia joined Spud Mack shortly after its conception. He was introduced to the band by Tessa Wood, whom he met while he was practicing Piano in Wilson Hall. 

“I was playing piano in one room and she was playing in the next room over and we started to play the same things so I knocked on her door and said ‘What’s up’ and we talked for a bit and she asked if I wanted to sit in on a rehearsal with the band,” Garcia said.

A couple of months later Garcia reached out and Wood invited him to rehearse with them, initially on keyboard, but he eventually switched over to guitar because it was his main instrument.

Some of Garcia’s biggest music influences consist of Stryper, John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Muse, and his father. 

Garcia’s end goal here at Rowan beyond Spud Mack is to make a career in making music for film and television.

“I’d like to make a career in making music for film and television, maybe getting connected with streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, and Paramount because they offer a lot of opportunity for music with how many shows they have,” Garcia said.

Since joining the band, Garcia has had high praise for the music scene here at Rowan and in the Glassboro area.

“Rowan’s music scene is special. It’s continually growing and everyone is so supportive of one another and just want to enjoy playing music,” Garcia said. “There are a lot of basement shows where a bunch of students and local bands play and they are always a great time.”

Garcia’s experience here shows that trying to get involved is easy as a result of the welcoming nature of those in the Glassboro music scene, whose goals are to make the most out of these four years by creating music, performing, and having a lot of fun helped drive the scene’s popularity further and further, and one of those bands you can thank for that is Garcia’s Spud Mack.

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