Jack Watson and Michael Fracchiolla represent Rowan men’s swim at NCAA Championships

Jack Watson competes in a race. Watson was one of two Profs to compete in the NCAA DIII Championships. - Photo via Rowan Athletics

Last week, Rowan had two male swimmers represent the school at the NCAA Division III Championships in Greensboro, NC. It was an honor that senior Jack Watson had gotten last year, but now with Michael Fracchiolla, it was a two-man vs the world type of mentality for them.

The two were accompanied by head coach Brad Bowser, who has been there with them every step of the way.

The coach almost expected Watson to be there from the abilities he showed back in December, whereas Fracchiolla was the “more impressive swimmer” as Bowser put it. He broke the team record and was the first person under Bowser to finish under two minutes in the 200 breaststroke, which was a huge accomplishment for the senior.

“For me, I would say I was excited and elated that the two of them made it and I really feel that it was well deserved,” Bowser said.

The proud coach has seen the two swimmers grow from their freshman to junior year. But that’s when the growth starts. It didn’t stop because they were at the top of their potential, it stopped because they started to excel in leadership quality.

“They’ve really grown and matured at becoming leaders and leading by example, especially with them carrying a heavy course load,” Bowser said. “For them to be able to be as successful as they have been and how they have really helped with managing the team… You can do both. You can be an excellent student, get a heavy course load, and still make NCAAs and really excel in the sport.”

When Watson got the news that he was going to NCAAs, he was really excited for the opportunity to repeat another year at the big stage.

“I was kind of expecting to get invited this year, or at least that was the goal going in,” Watson said with confidence.

In regards to his swimming, Watson wasn’t too happy with the outcome, placing 16th in his best race.

“It wasn’t really my best performance,” Watson said. “I definitely was expecting to do a lot better. But I think a lot of that was just realizing that every meet can’t be perfect and I went out there and did the best that I could.”

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