Public safety developing App Armor to aid in student safety

App Armor will be a mobile service provided by Rowan Public Safety. - Graphics Editor / Julia Quennessen

Safety is one of the top priorities of college students. At Rowan University, the Office of Emergency Management and the Department of Public Safety are developing an application to aid in called App Armor. 

“The app is a safety application that can be downloaded by our community to enhance the safety of all our communities, including faculty, staff, and students,” said Steven Rolando, associate director of the Office of Emergency Management. 

The application offers a variety of benefits from emergency calling capability to blue light alerts. 

“It has plenty of things to offer, such as a map of our campus, blue light alerts where students or visitors could be on campus and be able to report things of what they see directly to the public safety team. Users can also communicate with one another,” said Rolando. 

With the use of these benefits, students will be able to feel safe and secure. Downloading applications on your phone can sometimes be challenging for people who are not experienced with technology, but AppArmor is designed to be simple and user-friendly. 

“We are the host, and it’s going to be not much of a difficult for our students and faculty and staff to actually, you know bring to their cellular devices,” said Rolando. 

For current students, safety is a crucial aspect of feeling secure. 

“My roommate just straight up didn’t tell me that he has a history of seizures and then all of a sudden he was seizing. I mean a couple of my other roommates, we were pretty calm about it and handled it pretty well,” said Ryan Janiszewski, a sophomore. 

With the use of AppArmor, they will be able to get help immediately, a situation in which students must have the use of AppArmor is out at night. 

“I can see how it would be good for people walking around late at night around campus,” said Brian LaCross, a junior. 

Rowan University has taken inspiration from other major universities with this device and they hope to be releasing information through Rowan University Relations for AppArmor soon.

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