Brody Schneider named new AVP for the Facilities and Operations of SGA after AVP and EVP resignations

Recently, the SGA has seen two resignations within their executive committee, the Executive Vice President and Assistant Vice President of Facilities and Operations. - Contributor / Yaz Shaughnessy

The Student Government Association (SGA) is preparing for new roles, new people, and a huge transition to their executive committee as the Series 1, 2, and 3 elections all finish out. However, before the new SGA officers took their roles following their wins in all three series elections, there had already been significant changes. 

Approximately two senate meetings ago, the Executive Vice President (EVP), Joshua Zaharof, resigned from his position, leaving a vacancy position left open on the SGA section of the Rowan website, something that many students visit every day. The role is now open for all students to apply and it will officially close on March 14. 

The role of the EVP is a major role, just like every other role at the SGA, each coming with their responsibilities and overseeing their daily duties. Specifically for the EVP, they must organize the Organization Fair that happens every semester, they also are responsible for communicating with the SGA on the petitioning, chartered, and institutional organizations on campus. In charge of many other things, another includes overseeing the check-in and voting process at the Senate. 

Since this position has been vacant, Brianna Reagan, the SGA president, had to also oversee this role. 

“I’ll be in charge of running the email for the EVP position, just as I was for Facilities and Operations until that position is filled,” said Reagan. “So we’re always prepared for what we can be prepared for and if not, then we make solutions to that for future things that may happen in circumstances like such.” 

This is not the first resignation of the semester, four weeks ago, the Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Operations, Emma Redmond, had also resigned. In that time when she did, the SGA President was also in charge of overseeing this role. 

The Whit contacted the officers who recently resigned for an explanation, however, the officers declined to comment. 

The AVP for the Facilities and Operations Officer is a voting member of the executive committee, while also being responsible for the physical installation and maintenance of campus buildings. For example, in situations where there was mold in Robinson, or asbestos discovered in the flooring of Bunce Hall, the AVP Facilities and Operations had to meet with facilitates monthly to ensure that these were getting taken care of but also so students could safely return to their classes. 

This spot is no longer vacant in the SGA, Brianna Reagan stated that this position has been filled, just recently. 

“He’s actually an elections candidate for the year of 2024-2025, AVP of Facilities and Operations,” said Reagan. “We actually got the word back today and he was successful in that election, as well as a special election for the AVP Facilities and Operations position.” 

Brody Schneider, a mechanical engineering major, took on this new role in hopes of improving the student experience on campus through its buildings. His transition into the SGA was a quick one, as he had stated, and was put into the position in the middle of the semester. However, he recalled that it was a smooth one as well and he gave credit to the Executive Committee members who have helped him learn how to access resources and point him in the right direction. 

“I understand that it’s hard to sit outside in the winter when it’s 20 degrees outside, but I want there to be improvements to these spaces now so that throughout the spring and next fall, they are more utilized by students,” said Schneider. “Specifically, I’m targeting Robinson Green and am looking into potentially adding other spaces around campus.” 

Schneider was elected into the position during a special election at the senate meeting on Feb. 26, which allowed him to be in the position for the remainder of the year. Since Schneider also won the Series 2 and 3 election, he will continue to be in this position for the next academic year. 

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