Array of opportunities at recent career fair

Students interacting with potential employers including officers and summer camp counselor recruiters. - Staff Writer / Marchella Mazzoni

Internships and career opportunities geared towards the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and College of Communication and Creative Arts were open for Rowan students and alumni to explore at the Career Expo on March 6, hosted inside the Eynon Ballroom of the Student Chamberlain Center. 

Scholars were greeted by sixty-three organizations with tables ranging from police departments, early childhood educators, prosecutor’s offices, counselors, advertising companies, and media outlets. Employers connected with those seeking full-time and part-time work, as well as internships. With the opportunity to network and discuss a future with agencies, Yasemin Demir,  a junior law and justice major, found an internship with an employer through the career fair. 

“I’ve personally been coming here since freshman year and I did get an internship through here by keeping in touch so it is very useful,” said Demir.  

An array of booths promoted job opportunities for summer 2024 including positions for full-time and part-time employment and internships. Aspirants handed in cover letters and resumes to be informed of openings for each company. Multiple stands supplied papers with all contacts and responsibilities within the students’ contribution. Those walking throughout the ballroom scanned QR codes to access direct links to departments seeking applicants and information.

“Getting to know all the new careers and internship opportunities, I think it’s great to learn and have these opportunities open,” said Tamari Dvalishvili, freshman law and justice major. 

Directing students towards becoming familiar with working outside of the university, volunteer opportunities were available throughout company tables. Recruitment Manager for Teach For America Janis Medina’s booth promoted virtual volunteer programs for tutoring. The company’s goal is to encourage future leaders in classrooms to receive hands-on experience with teaching. Majors in Africana Studies, Art, Human Services, Writing Arts, and more can obtain this position. 

“There was a time when teachers were thriving and it was like the thing to do, and ever since Covid it kind of watered down a little bit. I still think we are super valuable, we are needed,” said Medina. “Not just in New Jersey, but all around the world. Teach for America is here for that, to be able to recruit these exceptional teachers to go in front of our students because we are needed.” 

Police departments throughout the tri-state area went to the career fair to recruit applicants and explain to students what a career in law enforcement entails. Multiple sheriff’s and prosecutor’s offices also set up booths to spread the word about job opportunities available within the field. Officers including patrolman Cooper Gallagher from the Sea Isle City Police Department come to career expos to be present within school communities and engage with aspiring officers. 

“I just don’t think being a police officer has been that appealing to the general public recently in the last few years,” said Gallagher. “I know we need to get our faces out there in the public and show everybody what we are about, and that it is a good career to get into. It has a lot of opportunities, pretty much any route in the police department you wanna take, you can do it.” 

The Girl Scouts outdoor experience teams booth set out to look for students interested in seasonal summer camp positions. The work hours are flexible, with applicants having the ability to choose what months they are available for the part-time position. All grades have the opportunity to work with the organization as a lifeguard, media specialist, and more. 

“Oftentimes college kids don’t have school in the summer so they look for a fun job to be able to build relationships with friends and make some connections with employers,” said Team member Jae Poliastro. “Girl Scouts is great because we don’t just have summer camps, we have our marketing team, alumni, and fun development, so there is a lot of opportunity for growth.” 

Compared to the multitude of booths for the law enforcement field and human resources, opportunities for RTF and Journalism majors fell sparse. Less than five employers came from media outlets including Del Val Media, WRDE, and Townsquare Media Trenton. Upperclassmen brought in resumes and applied for internships while underclassmen could network. 

The Office of Career Advancement plans to host counseling sessions, workshops, and more career fairs. The next career fairs include the Healthcare & Wellness Career and Internship Fair, Music Industry Expo, and Education Expo. Employers throughout the South Jersey region will continue to recruit students to score internships, receive experience in designated fields through volunteer work, and land part-time and full-time positions. 

“Go to the event even if you are nervous because it’s such a great way to dip your toes in the water, build confidence, and even network,” said Elysia Silodor, a senior psychology major. “If you start as a freshman, it’s just going to go up from there.” 

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