Silver Stain Concert at High Grounds: A showcase of musical talents

"Audience members voiced they believe Silver Stain’s concerts provide a community where they feel implored to attend concerts to watch upcoming bands and solo artists from the area." - Arts & Entertainment Editor / Al Harmon.

Showcasing the melodious artistry of young musicians from the South Jersey region, the Silver Stain booking company held a concert on March 2, at High Grounds Coffee Roasters in Glassboro for the fourth time. 

Run by senior music industry majors Sammi Kantor and Max Adams, Silver Stain works to assist local musicians with securing shows, booking tours, and receiving promotional exposure. The creators’ band Shark Earrings as well as Rowan Alternative Music Club are connected through support of the shows. The concert ended Cherry Hill native and Berklee songwriting major Anna Lisa Patti’s The Believer Tour. The weekender tour previously stopped in Boston, Massachusetts, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to promote Patti’s new single “Believer.”  

As concertgoers sipped their coffees and cheered on the artists, the coffee shop stayed open after hours serving up pastries and lattes. Four performers, Andy Ciardella, Kennedy Shaw, Madison Ranieri, and Anna Lisa Patti were chosen by the booking company to alternate acoustic sets. Ranging from showcasing musicians playing acoustics to bass guitar, attendees listened to a wide variety of songs from covers to originals. 

“The main thing around Glassboro and in the DIY scene is mostly like punk rock alternative bands that are fully set up and loud,” said Kantor. “This is more of a chill vibe where it’s a broken down set so you take that full band vibe and just bring it down. It’s kinda cool to see people adjust their sound.” 

The concert started with junior music industry major Andy Ciardella’s “MouthGuard.” He played multiple tunes including covers and self-written songs while strumming a bass. After stopping to pause between songs to make jokes and call out his good friends in the audience, he continued soulfully singing on stage in front of over twenty listeners. He received a standing ovation as the audience chanted begging him to sing more. 

“I’m just excited for the Rowan scene in general, I think there’s so much great music happening and so many opportunities for people to perform and share their music,” said Ciardella. “I’m so happy to see where the scene is now and to have something like this show happen which is a fairly new thing we’re doing here.” 

2023 Music Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology graduate from The University of the Arts, Kennedy Shaw performed an acoustic solo set. After being asked on Instagram to perform at the show by Silver Stain, she sang original songs, including one she wrote for her boyfriend, who was in the crowd. Shaw interacted with the audience, challenging listeners to ask those next to them why their favorite song was their favorite song. 

“I always really love playing my music for people, it’s the one place I feel like I can be myself, so I don’t get nervous. It was nice, everyone was attentive and kind, and I made some friends,” said Shaw. 

Rowan student and vocalist Madison Ranieri followed Shaw performing at the coffee shop for the first time. She sang with student and guitarist Daniel Prokoshin and called up Chris Baldarrago, a sophomore at Rowan, on stage to sing a cover of “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac. She then performed her first (untitled) original song for the first time in front of an audience. She finished performing her fourth and final song which was a cover of “Scott Street” by Phoebe Bridgers. 

“I think that I finally found my people here at school, and if you ever need someone to just talk to. I know that people come afraid to dance or talk to people but just do it because it’s gonna get you somewhere,” said Ranieri. “People want to listen to you and people want to be there for you. If you ever see me at a house show, I’m the most social person and I’ll welcome you with open arms. Let’s talk about music and cool things.” 

Anna Lisa Patti performed self-written soulful acoustic melodies with her guitarist and Berklee Music student Ethan Farmer. Patti teased her upcoming EP and sang the song “Free” which she said was about “having an adult temper tantrum.” The show ended with Patti’s new song dedicated to her grandmother titled “Believer,” which Silver Stain Booking’s Adams played bass on, recorded, mixed, and mastered. Patti has been in the Glassboro music scene since she was seventeen years old and plans to play in Glassboro through Silver Stain Booking in the future.

“I feel like my main goal for this show and also for pretty much every show that I do is to connect with at least one audience member,” said Patti. “If I can make one person feel something, I feel like it’s been a good show. I just have a lot of stories to tell, and I want to tell them successfully, and provide an emotional experience.” 

Audience members voiced they believe Silver Stain’s concerts provide a community where they feel implored to attend concerts to watch upcoming bands and solo artists from the area. A previous performer at the first High Grounds show Kiaura Rose, and 2023 Music Industry & Business Rowan University graduate Emme Zaney continue to come to all shows hosted by the company to support the local musicians. 

“For shows like this, I feel like it’s cool to be able to experience it in such a close-knit environment. Especially Silver Stain shows specifically, I feel like a lot of us tend to all go to the shows together,” said Zaney. “They can be more interactive than bigger shows, that relationship between the artists and the fans, I love them and the environment.” 

Silver Stain Booking continues to host shows at High Grounds Coffee Roasters with the most recent concert held on March 6. The next show will be held at Anchor Rock Club in Atlantic City. Those interested in booking a tour or one-off show can fill out a form via the Instagram bio of @silverstainbooking and follow the account for up-to-date information on the next concerts. 

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