Rowan women’s lacrosse dominates Ursinus in its home opener

Elaina Corson looks to attack. Corson recorded five goals and one assist in Saturday's win. - Saturday, April 15, 2023. - Photo via Lee Kotzen

On Saturday, Feb. 24, the women’s lacrosse team dominated the Ursinus Bears 18-10 in Rowan’s windy and cool home opener to improve their record to 2-0. Penalties were a big part of the game seeing that the NCAA added a new green-card rule for the health and safety of the players.

The Profs came out hot in this game, scoring seven goals in the first quarter. This jumpstarted Rowan’s attack, which was so strong it prevented Ursinus from grabbing the lead all game. Elaina Corson was one of the ones responsible for that, as she led the team in goals with five and recorded an assist.

“I think we had a lot of turnovers,” Corson said. “The defense played great and it just really allowed for an opportunity to attack.” 

When addressed about her outstanding game, Corson immediately diverted the credit to her teammates for helping her achieve those goals.

“I mean two of them were like a fastbreak, so it was just right down the center and then the others were just my teammates working off of me and helping me,” Corson said. “They’re really the reason that I could get those goals though.”

Molly Green was a huge contributor as well, pushing the ball down the field and having her way with the defense, especially in the second half. 

“I think there were a lot of holes. We had a ton of drives. A lot of times with the zone you think that you should be squaring off with passes, but I think we were able to exploit that mindset with our heavy drives,” Green said.

Green finished the game with four goals and an assist, already putting her goal total for the season at eight, since she scored four as well in the inaugural game of the season that they won against Drew University.

Green was very outspoken about her dislike for the new rule that has been put in place for women’s lacrosse all across the country. The rule states that any foul happening between the two restraining lines is now a penalty (green card) instead of a standard foul, and the player who committed the foul would have to sit in the penalty box for a minute. The regulation was set for the health and safety of the players on both sides of the ball, seeing that it can get really messy on the field from time to time.

Head coach Lindsay Delaney however, loves the idea of the new rule and how it keeps her players safe.

“Our game just got too violent,” Delaney said. “I do think that after some time, as people play with it [the new rule] more, less fouls will happen and be called. We didn’t get that many cards… We’re coaching so that they’re not fouling.” 

Delaney also said that some of her players have been wearing padded shirts under their jerseys since their ribs were getting hit with the sticks a little too often. The new rule should clean up the game and the dirty physicality, but as a result, the pace of the game is being affected due to so many calls that were made.

Since the new rule has been added to the game, Delaney has had her team practice with refs in attendance to make sure that her players are playing the right way and without too many fouls.

“It’s between the 30s where physical play is really happening,” Delaney said. “You’re going full speed and people just want to stop you, so they hit you.”

The Profs will head to Hoboken, New Jersey for their next game to take on the Stevens University Ducks on March 3 at noon.

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