Miller: Five predictions for the Phillies in 2024

Phillies predictions graphic. - Multimedia Editor / Drew Peltzman

After a disappointing end to the Philadelphia Phillies season last year, they still enter 2024 with high hopes and large expectations to make it back to the big stage. Although the Phillies had a quiet offseason, aside from signing Whit Merrifield, who adds veteran leadership and has the ability to hit the ball to all parts of the field, fans should still be excited since the majority of last year’s squad is coming back. With that being said, here are my five predictions for the 2024 Phillies. 

Alec Bohm hits 30-plus home runs: Bohm has been an up-and-down player for the Phillies throughout his four seasons, but the potential is there. I think that playing in the playoffs and other big games two years in a row will only spark his confidence even more and finally unlock his power. 

The Phillies win the NL East: While the Phillies division is stacked with teams like the Atlanta Braves, who have been on top of the division for six straight years, and the Miami Marlins, the Phillies have a very good shot of winning their first division title since 2011. Philly is right there with Atlanta, which we’ve seen during the playoffs in the past two years, so if they can get off to a good start, they could be in the race until the end. Since the Bryce Harper era started in 2019, they haven’t won their division, and I feel like this is the year they finally broke that. 

The Phillies trade for Mike Trout: This is bold, but I feel like they are going to trade for New Jersey native and three-time MVP Mike Trout. Trout is in a tricky situation with the Los Angeles Angels since they just lost two-time MVP Shohei Ohtani to the Dodgers and may not be in contention this year. We shall see what happens but this could be something to keep an eye on especially as the trade deadline gets closer. Plus, who wouldn’t want to watch a team with Mike Trout and Bryce Harper? 

Trea Turner will lead the league in home runs: After his shaky start last season, Turner went on to light the league up from August on, which was all started by a standing ovation from the crowd. I honestly think that the standing ovation made Turner more comfortable and made him love Philly even more. I also think he has a lot to prove because he is still a star in the league, so I do think he can lead the league in home runs this year, especially since Philly fans are behind his back. 

The Phillies will win the World Series: My last prediction is that the Phillies will go to the World Series and win it all for the first time since 2008. They will play the New York Yankees in the World Series and win the whole thing. After such devastating losses in the playoffs the last two years, I feel like there is going to be more anger and eagerness to win it all this year. They have the players, leadership, and fans to get it done. After losing in such a heartbreaking fashion two years in a row, the third time will be the charm for the Phillies.

All things considered, the Philadelphia Phillies have high expectations this year and they also have many goals, including winning their division, winning many playoff series, and of course, winning the World Series. These are my top five predictions for the team this season. Their goal is to accomplish all of it and have a parade down Broad Street.  

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