Editorial: The Whit staff shares what they love about Rowan for Valentine’s Day

"The Whit editors share what they love about Rowan University." - Photo via Canva

Since Valentine’s Day has come and passed, The Whit editors share what they love about Rowan University for this editorial. 

Victoria McGivern, Editor-in-Chief: “I love that I’m here and that Rowan gets to experience me, and my unbelievably talented Whit staff.” 

Abigail Twiford, Managing Editor: “I love that Rowan has given me so many opportunities and that I’ve made so many great friends here. I’ve really come into my own here and I appreciate that Rowan has helped me gain confidence.”

Madison Miller, News Editor: “My absolute favorite thing about Rowan University is the community that I have found. There is so much love in so many parts of this campus, whether it’s here at The Whit or the journalism department, in the business college, or with my friends. Love is embedded into every single community I am a part of here at Rowan and I am so thankful to have found friends, mentors, and colleagues who want to support me and see me succeed.”

Elena Laughton, Features Editor: “As a campus tour guide there’s a lot I love about Rowan. I think we have a beautiful campus with older architecture and newer features as well as all of the nature you see around. I love taking walks around campus both for work and off the clock.”

Sylent Michaels, Opinion Editor: “There are so many things I love about Rowan. When I first came here to visit friends, I fell in love with the campus and my decision to come here was made. I’ll never forget sitting in on a class during a visit to Professor DiUliio’s class and thinking ‘Wow, I love this and he’s a great professor.’ And now, I’ve had him as a professor for multiple classes. He’s guided me and taught me so much so yeah, I love him and all the other journalism professors. I also love all of the people I have met who have changed my life for the better with constant love and encouragement in my life and my career, they have taught me so much.”

“Oh, and I love that I met my best friendwho is tremendously gayAl Harmon.”

Al Harmon, Arts & Entertainment Editor: “What I love about Rowan is all the beautiful women I got to meet. Sylent Michaels, Victoria McGivern, Sarah Shockey, Abigail Twiford, Frankie Ryan, Madi Miller, Gianna Malgieri, Elena Laughton, and so many more. So many amazing, beautiful women who are totally my type. Thank you Rowan for that. ”

Nick Rizzo, Co-Sports Editor: “I love all of the opportunities I’ve been granted to kickstart my career and all of the life-long relationships I’ve made with some great people.”

Drew Peltzman, Multimedia Editor: “Meeting the love of my life and opening doors to the future that are more exhilarating to look forward to. ”

Nicholas Wiley, Associate Multimedia Editor: “I love the opportunities I’ve been able to have with extracurriculars on campus and all the friends I’ve made along the way. And Drew Peltzman.”

Sarah Shockey, Productions Editor: “I love that I don’t have to suffer in the Holly Pointe as a freshman and I get to drive home and sleep in my own bed. The housing for them sucks. Live, laugh, love Rowan.”

Owen O’Brien, Copy Desk Chief: “I love Rowan’s relationship with Glassboro at large. I see parents taking their kids to the planetarium all the time. I see music students in middle and high school doing things in Wilson Hall. The Whit is Glassboro’s only newspaper. We’re the platonic ideal of a college town.”

Bryant Lopez, Copy Editor: “What I love about Rowan is the people I have met here. When I transferred to Rowan, I knew no one and then I met my friends and they have given me some of my best memories. I have also made the closest friendships I ever had.”

Frankie Ryan, Social Media Manager: “I love the people I have connected with through soccer at Rowan and The Whit. This college has gifted me friends who will last a lifetime.” 

Tyler Delpercio, Co-Sports Editor: My favorite thing about Rowan is that I love how chill everyone is down here. I’ve met a lot of great people throughout the years and look forward to meeting even more.”

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