SGA Series 1 winners announced

Rowan SGA's Series 1 election results were announced on Monday, Feb. 26. - Photo via Rowan University

Voting for the Student Government Association’s Series 1 election closed Monday night and the results are in. The Series 1 election included the roles of President, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Alternate Student Trustee, and Chief Commissioner. There were 10 candidates in this year’s election. This is the first of three elections for the SGA. 

Zackary Brown, junior, philosophy, and public relations major, won the vote of President with 54% of votes, Ezekiel Abrams, sophomore, accounting and finance major, ran unopposed for Vice President, Molly Fitzpatrick, sophomore, finance major was voted to be the Chief Financial Officer with 41.64% of votes, Ali Ishage, freshman, undecided, won the position of Alternate Student Trustee with 41.3% of votes, and Theo Young, sophomore, law and justice, and political science major, won the position of Chief Commissioner with 36.27% of votes. 

Brown said he will take this position as an opportunity to grow Rowan’s community. 

“Born in Philadelphia and raised in Camden, my roots run deep in the communities that shaped me to be who I am today. Winning the SGA presidential election means more than a title; it’s an opportunity to elevate and unite, to take our community to the next level,” said Brown. “It means that I get the opportunity to help create a stronger, more connected future where every voice resonates and contributes to the overall success of Rowan.”

Young explained that in his role he will work towards building an open and honest system. 

“In my position as chief commissioner of community standards it is my plan to implement a system of honesty and equability while also tearing down the veil of complicating unnecessary systems,” Young said. 

Fitzpatrick talked about what the election process has been like for her and the things she plans to change in her new position. 

“Winning this election is very important to me as I was the only female who ran for any Series 1 position. During the election process, I tried to be confident in myself and not be intimidated by this,” Fitzpatrick said. “My plans for this position are to change what is not working in terms of the relationship between the Student Financial Control Board and the student body. I will go over the tiers that have been made for determining club budgets and keep in the front of my mind what has already been voiced to me by students.”

The next series of elections will be for Series 2: Recording Secretary and Assistant Vice Presidents and Series 3: Class and Academic Senators and voting will be open until March 3 at 11:45 p.m. for both. 

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