Destination Denmark: Rowan’s new study abroad program

Fisher with other students in Japan for the study abroad trip in Spring of 2023. - Photo via Riley Fisher

Rowan University’s latest study abroad program is here and this time it’s in Denmark.

For years, the university has encouraged students to apply to study abroad in the hopes of offering students a unique experience alongside furthering their education. Students have the opportunity to learn about other cultures and travel the world while earning college credits. 

This year, professors Berrin Guner and Joran P. Howell have organized a program being held in Denmark during May and June. The program is open to all current Rowan students with the promise of earning three credits. 

“At the heart of our faculty-led program in Denmark is the recognition of Denmark’s global reputation as a leader in sustainable practices and innovation…” said Guner. “Through immersive experiences, interdisciplinary coursework, and meaningful engagement with Danish organizations, our program seeks to empower students to explore and understand the interconnectedness of environmental, social, and economic sustainability.” 

The trip will be in Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. The city is rich in culture and has many things for students to experience, including the well-renowned food. The program will be focused on learning directly from businesses in the city that are already incorporating more sustainable methods into their business structure.   

“Our goal is to foster critical thinking and inspire actionable solutions to global challenges with scalable, responsible, and profitable business practices. Furthermore, sustainability aligns seamlessly with the Rohrer College of Business’s mission of fostering responsible leadership and ethical decision-making,” said Guner.

Senior Riley Fisher will be attending the trip with her younger sister, who’s a freshman this year to learn more about international business and how these companies incorporate sustainability. 

“I am super excited for this specific trip to be able to learn how companies in Denmark incorporate sustainability and social impact. My sister, who is a freshman at Rowan will also be joining me on this trip which I am super excited about as well! Rowan University continuously offers many opportunities for students to get experience outside of the classroom,” said Fisher.

This is not Fisher’s first time abroad, she has been on two separate trips with Guner where she was able to immerse herself in a new culture and learn something about her future career as well. Last year, she traveled to Panama in the fall and Japan in the spring.

“The week-long, study abroad trips have hands down been my favorite experiences while attending Rowan University. Having the opportunity to travel to different countries and learn unique marketing perspectives from companies in other countries with like-minded students, has truly expanded my knowledge of my major and other people around the world,” said Fisher.

If students are able, the study abroad program is a unique way to learn while getting a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

“We’re excited to offer this program to all majors so that students gain a holistic understanding of sustainability and its relevance to their respective fields while allowing multidisciplinary collaboration and cross-fertilization of ideas that drive innovative thinking,” Guner said. “In addition to academic knowledge, our program is designed to foster professional and personal growth so that students develop soft skills to succeed in today’s diverse and global landscape.”

Students interested in studying abroad should reach out to their academic advisors and visit the study abroad portion on the admissions page. 

Fisher encourages any students who are interested to go on the trips and get to experience these travel opportunities. 

“Study abroad if it is an available option and keep an eye out for things such as faculty-led study abroad programs. I can not imagine my time at Rowan without these amazing travel opportunities,” said Fisher.

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