Angelo’s Diner to remain the same after sale to Nexus

Angelo's Diner has been open in Glassboro since 1946. - Photo / Kiley Burke

Angelo’s Diner has recently been sold to real estate company, Nexus, after the retirement of Joseph and Mary Ann Justice, former owners of the diner. According to manager Curtis Spry, the diner has intentions to remain the same in appearance, food, and prices. Management and staff are currently the same as before the sale as well.

Nexus is responsible for several Glassboro buildings, including student housing– 220 On the Boulevard, 114 Victoria Street, and 230 Victoria Street and commercial retail and restaurant space on Rowan Boulevard. The Whit reached out to Nexus several times over the course of a few weeks for comment but received no response. 

Angelo’s has been a Glassboro food destination since 1946 when it opened on Main Street. It’s seen the town of Glassboro and Rowan University grow over the years and has been home to early morning college student hangover meals and midday lunch dates for decades. There’s a vast range of clientele despite it being in a college town, there are a lot of local regulars who are older or who are not college students. 

Mary Ann and Joseph Justice became owners of the diner after Mary Ann Justice’s father, Angelo Tubertini in the 1970’s and have kept it mostly the same over the years. The vintage exterior greets customers with a bright neon sign and reflective silver siding and the interior is quaint and compact while maintaining some of its original decor. Long-time residents and college students come back time and time again for the food at low prices, but also for the community that exists within its walls. 

“The food is delicious, everyone here is super nice, the atmosphere is cozy, it’s just really classic,” said Tara Porch, a regular who has been visiting the diner since her time as an undergraduate student, from the class of 2016.

The diner has a lot of regulars who frequent the restaurant – both students and long-term residents. Manager Curtis Spry described it as a “family” environment, where people come to enjoy a meal. As the Justices’ were nearing the end of their career with the diner, Spry noted that they still knew many of the regulars and staff even though they were not making as many trips over to the restaurant. 

“You know, Joe and Mary Ann weren’t coming out so much anymore anyway, because of their age, but they know everybody. It’s a family place. Everybody knows everybody. So I think it’ll remain the same,” said Spry.

One of the defining features of the diner is its vintage style and low prices. Many regulars and locals were worried upon hearing about the sale that it was closing or would be changing.

“I know they were kind of upset because they thought the place was being sold or that things were going to change but they [Nexus] don’t want to change nothing, they said they want to leave it alone,” said Spry. 

Porch is currently a graduate student getting her master’s degree in art administration. She completed her undergraduate studies in art at Rowan in the fall of 2016 and has been frequenting Angelo’s since her time as an undergraduate. It’s one of her favorite places to spend time and catch up with her brothers, one of whom is also getting his master’s at Rowan in geography, and her grandfather. 

“This is a pretty normal place for us to meet up with our grandfather and eat lunch with him so that we can hang out with him and see how he’s doing. It’s usually me and my two brothers,” said Porch. 

When she heard about the sale, she was skeptical about the new ownership and worried about whether or not her favorite diner would stay. 

“I was a little nervous at first when I heard about Nexus and stuff because for a while it was up in the air like, ‘Is Angelo’s going to get demolished? Will it get to stay?’” said Porch. “It’s kind of a relief now to hear that they’re basically going to leave it running the way that it’s running and they’re just the management.”

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