SJICR hosts fifth Cultural Organization Fair

Rowan University Philippine American Coalition (RUPAC) members pose with their table. - Contributor / Erik Gil

The Office of Social Justice, Inclusion, And Conflict Resolution at Rowan University held its fifth biannual Cultural Organization Fair on Feb. 1. The four-hour event represented the different mixtures of Black Indigenous People Of Color (BIPOC ) fraternities & sororities, ethnic coalitions, and clubs on campus in a way for students to feel more connected through cultural integration on campus.  

Director of the office of SJICR Dominique Pierson said, “The Cultural Organization Fair is for students new and who are returning to find a sense of community through cultural means on campus. It is also an opportunity for students to have a cross-cultural difference.”

The event consisted of a mixture of performances through dance, singing, and poetry by groups such as Poetic Justice, Rowan Hip Hop Culture Club, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, New Life Ministry, and many more. 

Estaban Prince who is the advisor of the student organization Men of Color Alliance (MOCA) emphasized that, for him, the amount of colored men on campus is low and he wants to acknowledge that this organization is a great way for male students of color to find commonality.

“Our goal is to create a community to have colored men on campus to come and to feel safe in that,” said Prince. 

Vice President Meadow Carstarphen of the Black Cultural League (BCL) said, “We’re an organization on campus promoting unity, diversity, and an overall safe space for students of color here on campus.” 

“Share the big community of the club to fellow students coming from a predominantly white school to help create a space where students can find community and can feel safe,” said Noelle Geroso, the president of RUPAC, Rowan’s Philippine-American Coalition, for her mission.

Yonatan Casas, a psychology major who attended the event said “I became aware of the different organizations and clubs that were there and much value and enrichment Rowan shows through culture.” 

Daniel Lopez who is the president of the United Latino Association said, “Our goal is to create a safe space for Latino students on campus and for those who like to celebrate Latino culture.” 

The event was a success and an amazing opportunity for students to see different perspectives on campus. Additionally, the club fair helped students find a sense of belonging.

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