Honors program introduces board game club

Honors students gather around for a game of poker. - Staff Writer / Sam Prince

If you are a Rowan student, a board game connoisseur, and an honors student then there’s a brand new club at Rowan this spring semester made just for you. 

The Honors Board Game Club is a brand new on-campus club created by honors students sophomores Jackson Schaefer and Alexander Garfield. The club meets every Thursday from 6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. at the Whitney Center on the 2nd Floor in the Honors wing. 

All Honors students are welcome to come and hang out to play board games from a range of UNO to Monopoly. Students can bring their games to change it up or they use the board games supplied by Rowan University Martinson Honors College which are available to all honors students in the honors lounge on the 2nd floor in the honors wing at the Whitney Center.

Co-founder Jackson Schaefer explains how the club was started.

“As we have honors clubs here at Rowan, Alex and I always wanted to get involved but there was never a club for us,” Schaefer said. “So we decided to start a club that we both would enjoy. After thinking about it we both were fans. Games are a good way to get involved in the honors community. I have met a lot of really cool people throughout the process and it’s like a little family that we build. We just thought it was a great way of getting to be involved with honors with little stress involved.”

Schaefer and Garfield have opened up a place where honors students can enjoy themselves by playing board games with other honors students.

Honors Students can find out about the Honors Board Game Club through Rowan’s Honors Daily Announcer and/or by word of mouth.

“I wanted to go to the Board Game club because I was looking to meet new people.  Some of my friends have already gone here,” sophomore Yasmin Harris said. “So I just went there to meet new people and I did not have too much to do at the time. I figured it would be a nice relaxing break to take from my studies.”

The Board Game Club is a place where honors students can meet each other and take a needed break from their busy course load.

A lot of college-age students tend to play video games and this can be a good break for them to try something different instead.

“I think this will definitely help other honors students due to the fact that playing board games is different from playing games online or anything like that,” Sophomore Carlo Importuna said. “It’s something that’s interactive and you get a chance to meet new people. Even if you know everyone there it’s just a good time to have with your friends.”

The Interactiveness of the club allows students to have a good time with people they either just met or people they came to the club with.

The Honors Board Game Club will meet next time on Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Whitney Center on the 2nd Floor in the Honors Wing.

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