Selena Gomez radiates self-love in new single “Love On:” A visual journey through Paris

"This song is a classified pop hit debuting at No. 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 and listeners are excited for this era of self-love." - Arts & Entertainment Editor / Al Harmon.

Those tuning into listening to pop radio stations are turning their “Love On” with Selena Gomez’s first single release of 2024. The single track and music video for “Love On” debuted on Feb. 22 following after the news broke in Dec. 2023 that Gomez had begun dating American Record Producer Benny Blanco

Many supporters speculate this song was composed by Gomez and songwriter Julia Michaels to dedicate a song for Blanco to highlight the newly sparked romance. Throughout the lyrics, Gomez hints at how she has found a partner who shows her love and care, which fans have been rooting for her desperately over the years to experience. The song and music video however solely highlights Gomez celebrating her self-love. 

Filmed in Paris, the City of Love, the song starts with a voiceover in French before Gomez sings which translates to, “What am I going to name you? /  I will name you love / Tender love.” Multiple lovers are seen passionately kissing each other as the voiceover plays and the camera pans to Gomez. She stands by herself wearing a hot pink feather dress with a black bow in her hair holding a French bulldog. Gomez showcases she is waiting for the right person to “Love On.” 

The following clip in the music video began with the chorus where Gomez sang, “Wait ’til I turn my love on / I’m no cheap thrill / I’m a rollercoaster ride, baby, jump on…” and transitions to feature Gomez wearing a floor-length baby blue lace dress. Her hair is styled in a short bob with a matching mesh floral veil on top of her head to compliment her attire. She is placed in an outside restaurant receiving a manicure. The background of the restaurant overlooks the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by sculptures and palm trees. The music video made sure to capture the views extensively showcasing the location during the night and day. 

Gomez posed on a green couch in a head-to-toe sparkling black dress with matching lace gloves and a feather hat. She sang “Come on, come on,” as she motioned for the camera to come closer to her as the chorus played. She then goes into the first verse which is one of my favorite lines from any Gomez song, “This doesn’t have to be some sort of mathematical equation / Slip off your jeans, slide in the sheets / Screaming “yes” in quotations.” I enjoy that Gomez has been exploring with her new releases and has fun with songwriting. 

The music video then shifted into my favorite sequence where Gomez is seen in a classic European-style hotel wearing a pair of sunglasses dressed in a white robe and a towel wrapped around her head. She is by herself basking in the enjoyment of being alone and dipping a croissant in a latte cup overlooking the water. I enjoyed the unique clip that was included of Gomez filming herself biting into the pastry. She spun around the bed and breakfast bearing the brightest smile and presented herself as the happiest she had ever been. 

The scenes continued to spark my eye as a group of ballerinas wearing white corsets and tutus appeared in the music video. Gomez then popped up in the middle of the group wearing fire-red ballet slippers and a poofy white dress with a bow placed on the front and in her hair. She twirled and danced around while posing with the ballerinas and gracing the dance floor with her utmost confidence. 

The fashion in the music video and looks featured consisted of the most eye-catching and elegant pieces. Wearing a rainbow knit 70’s style dress with her hair in a teased poof and headband, the singer-songwriter danced on top of a table showcasing one of her wardrobe stylist Erin Walsh’s best-styled outfits. Another personal favorite look of mine was the champagne-colored chain dress Gomez wore with diamond drop earrings and white gloves. All of her outfits exhibited were well thought out and fit for a European dream vacation. 

This song is a classified pop hit debuting at No. 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 and listeners are excited for this era of self-love. Gomez has a new album currently underway with songs including her latest release “Love On” and her last single “Single Soon” to be potentially on the album. Supporters are eagerly awaiting the album’s release date which is unannounced as of Feb. 2024. Gomez will continue to spread her message of being carefree and loving oneself with this fourth and possibly final studio album. 

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