“Mules of the Cellar” make their Fun House debut as they rock into Glassboro New Jersey’s music scene

The band “Mules Of the Cellar” make their Fun House debut as they rock into Glassboro New Jersey’s music scene. - Contributor / Allison Cassidy

Atlantic City-based band ‘Mules Of The Cellar’ played their first Fun House concert on Feb. 3. They hit the stage, opening for other performances by Red Lightning, Heathmonger, and Memory Core. The rock quartet opened the night with new originals as they prepare to release music online as soon as possible, according to lead singer Jamie Fortunado Jr. While this performance was one of the first the band had ever done, Mules of the Cellar had been making their music long before tonight. 

“We’ve been together a little over a year now,” Jamie Furtunado Jr. explains. “We’ve been around for a minute and just wanted to perfect everything.” This hard work is paying off as the audience is filled with pleased concertgoers. Jenna Ascolese, a seasoned Fun House attendee, could not have been happier with the band’s debut. “I’ve been going to these shows for like three years, and they were one of my favorites that I’ve seen,” Jenna explains. 

The hard work has paid off for these four young musicians, as they are currently in the recording process, trying to get their music available to all who want to hear it. “Our drummer Mike Moore has a recording studio in Galloway called Purple Door Records,” Jamie continues, “he does all of the local bands in our area, and he is recording for us.” While the Mules of the Cellar have strayed from Atlantic City, they were extremely happy to play at The Fun House venue in Glassboro New Jersey. “It was awesome,” Jamie smiles, “there’s a lot of cool people and it’s a fun place.”

Jamie is not alone in his enjoyment of the Fun House. The concert venue provides a place where Glassboro residents and students can go and enjoy live music and good vibes, and meet other music lovers. First-time Fun House concertgoer Joaquin Sosa had nothing but good things to say about his experience: “Even though I’m not into alternative music that much, I still enjoyed my time,” Joaquin explains. “The musicians were very talented, and everyone was just focused on the music and having a good time together.” 

“It’s a community,” Olivia Tucker, a frequent concertgoer, and Fun House veteran describes, “I love seeing everyone enjoy themselves, it’s a safe space.” According to Chase Tory who works in front of the house, the bubbling music scene has completely changed Glassboro as a whole. 

“I’ve lived here my whole life, and ever since I was young, I’ve seen this town completely change because of the school and the school’s community,” Chase explains. “My favorite thing about the music would be the community that comes with it.”

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