From awkward encounters to fake relationships: “Anyone But You” delivers a hilarious twist to modern Rom-Coms

“Anyone but you” is not only quick-witted and fueled with love but it is also extremely relatable to the audience. " - Arts & Entertainment Editor / Al Harmon

Everyone knows the awkwardness of one-night stands turned bad, the jealousy of seeing someone you love with someone else, and the crazy emotions and actions that come with it. Most importantly, everyone knows that when you find someone special, no one else matters but that someone. The film “Anyone but You” perfectly showcases how connections can go from ice-cold to hot and fierce. 

“Anyone But You” is an edgy, romantic comedy that brings back the timeless effect of rom-com magic that enchants an audience. “Anyone But You” was directed by Will Gluck and starred Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell. Both Sweeny and Powell gave a light-hearted performance that made the audience laugh and fall in love with both of their characters. Sweeny plays a young adult named Bea who is trying to find out what she wants with relationships and in her career. Powell plays Ben who is a gullible, fun-loving guy who wants to find love. 

The movie takes place in Sydney Australia where Bea’s sister is getting married. With Bea recently dropping out of law school and breaking up with her long-time boyfriend, she felt hopeless and lost, while trying to make her family proud. On the other hand, Ben is trying to fight for his ex-girlfriend back. After one problematic one-night stand Ben and Bea had  6 months before the wedding. They both have a strong hatred for each other and many unanswered questions about their true feelings for each other. Their resentment for one another creates funny and crazy scenarios in the movie that make the audience curl over with laughter. With wedding activities in full effect, Ben and Bea decide to put their differences aside and create a fake relationship to help get Bea’s family off of her back and Ben to hopefully have his ex-girlfriend Margot begging for him. Their fake relationship fooling everyone at the wedding, sparks a connection between Ben and Bea that they don’t know what to do with. 

During the duration of the movie, we see these two characters ’wants and needs in their lives create a hilarious string of effects. While watching the movie, the audience cannot help but fall in love with these two characters. Not only Ben and Bea, but the connection between all of the characters in the movie was a perfect blend of love, care, concern, and the importance of friendship and family. The film brings back ageless songs that cannot help but make you smile and add a new song to your playlist as well.

“Anyone but you” is not only quick-witted and fueled with love but it is also extremely relatable to the audience. The back and forths between liking someone, one-night stands, and the awkward encounters that come with it were all strongly executed in the film and also make the audience feel like a part of the film and that they can connect to the characters that we learn to love through the film. The movie is a great blend of your typical rom-com with many twists and turns of events that keep it updated, shocking, and exciting. Watching the film brings a new spark and perspective to romantic comedies that make the audience feel like they are part of the film. “Watching the movie, I was either smiling or yelling at one of the characters. “I love romantic comedies and this one is one that I can watch on repeat. At some points I wanted to jump in the scene and join the characters, it was a fun roller coaster of emotions,” Liv Evans said.

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