Rushing to Meet the Sisters

Carly Del Borrello, Emily Salcedo, and Emma Goggins of Alpha Sigma Tau. - Contributor / Beth Cimaglia

Every semester, students who want to join Greek Life are faced with the tough decision of deciding which sorority is the best fit for them. One event, hosted by NPC, NPHC, and GCOC Sororities, aims to aid students in the decision-making process. It features many diligently set up tables, filled with information on the different organizations. 

Different members of each organization got the chance to share recruitment videos and values, in between mingling and excited conversations. 

“The event is a quick chance for people who are interested to talk to all of the organizations, and an opportunity to show our values and philanthropy,” said Carly Del Borrello a junior public relations major and vice president of “Growth” for Alpha Sigma Tau.

Del Borrello also helped curate the signs and decorations for their organization’s table this semester.

“It’s a lot of prep,” Del Borello said, “but it’s really rewarding because you get to see it all come together.”

To rush a sorority and get involved in Greek Life at Rowan University, students must have a minimum of 12 credits and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5. Along with their academic accomplishments, students brought smiles and good energy to the event this semester. 

All the organizations pride themselves on their different philanthropies, community projects, and individual values. Figuring out where to rush starts with a conversation, and getting to talk to the sisters one-on-one is key to figuring out what sorority is the best fit. 

The bright faces of Seairah Chiles and Sky Robinson behind a beautifully decorated table for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority served as a warm welcoming committee to students. 

“We value sisterhood and service,” Robinson said. 

“We do a lot of community service, like the MLK project,” Chiles says.

Here, in a fun, upbeat atmosphere, students get the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

Alpha Kappa Alpha’s Seairah Chiles, Sky Robinson, and Morgan Douglas. – Contributor / Beth Cimaglia

Being a part of Greek Life is rewarding in many areas. Student’s friendships, academics, and even community connections are all strengthened through Sorority life.  

Sara Bayait, a Junior majoring in both sports communication and media and public relations, was among the enthusiastic sisters of Theta Phi Alpha.

“My favorite part of the event is getting to know everyone and reminiscing about when I was in their spot. I’m excited for their new experiences and wherever they go,” Bayait said.

Sara also offered this advice to Sorority recruits:

“Go out for recruitment with an open mind, follow where you feel most at home. And don’t be nervous! Everyone’s nervous, even us!” 

Madi Stein, a senior communications studies major of Alpha Sigma Tau, also advises new recruits to keep an open mind.

“Be yourself, do what your heart is telling you,” Stein added.

Students meeting the sisters in Chamberlain Student Center’s Eynon Ballroom. – Contributor / Beth Cimaglia

“Meet the Sisters” was electric from start to finish, and the adrenaline was felt in the air the entire night. Students were smiling as they fostered new connections and embarked on their exciting recruitment journey. The night was a successful ‘kick-off’ to Spring Recruitment, but for those rushing, it is only just the beginning.

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