Hillel welcomes spring semester with game night

Hillel's e-board poses for a photo at their game night event. - Contributor / Erik Gil

On Friday the 26th, Hillel, the Jewish student run organization, held a game night to welcome back the semester. Held at Hawthorn Hall, it was a chance for Jewish and non-Jewish students alike to come together and have fun while still getting used to being in the semester. For the students and staff of Hillel coming back to the semester and having this event is a very important thing for them.

Hillel is a safe place for those who are Jewish and want to be in a community where they can express and be comfortable in who they are. It’s also for non-Jewish students as well to join. Games such as cards and Jackbox (the digital party game) were played. Hillel has different social events such as Rosh Hashanah and Passover to express the Jewish traditions.

 President Alyssa Steinmetz expressed her expectations and the traditions related to Hillel.

“I hope that the club can continue to grow and continue what we have been doing for the past 20 years in this community where everyone can feel safe,” said Steinmetz.

 Following the October 7th Hamas attacks on Israel, there has been a nationwide increase in reports of antisemitism, often on college campuses. In response, safety concerns have arisen within the group, and they have requested that public safety are present at their meetings and events. In the hallway outside of the meeting room, a public safety officer stood by the door.

“Given world events, our students don’t feel safe and now public safety is present to provide our students with a sense of security. We want peace,” said advisor Marc Fleischner.

Hillel provides a great space for those of the Jewish community to continue being resilient, and to feel safe. “It is good that there are events for Jewish students to feel safe while knowing many of the students on campus may not feel safe,” said student Gary Milshteyn. 

Vice President Kevin Jenner expressed that being Jewish for him is “A great heritage and a way of life.”

Senior Alaina Bronstein describes Hillel for her as “A good social environment to connect with other Jewish students, since there aren’t so many here at Rowan.”

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