Ashley Dabb visits for last “Pizza With The Pros” of the semester

Ashley Dabb and Niel Hartman speaking to students. - Photo via @RowanSportsCAM on X

Monday, Nov. 27, concluded the final “Pizza With The Pros” of the Fall semester, welcoming America’s Red Knot Communications Head of Operations, Ashley Dabb.

Dabb is a strategic communications & marketing executive with experience in sports, sports betting & gaming. She has over a decade of PR & marketing experience with the Philadelphia Union & National Lacrosse League. Dabb earned a law degree from Rutgers Law School in 2021 and was named to Forbes list of Women to Watch in 2018.

One student asked Dabb how hard it was to get the position that she’s in today.

“Whoever was working the hardest got the reward. I guess I was fortunate in that. Not all women have that same experience,” Dabb said.

Dabb went to St. Joe’s, with little to no expectation of working in sports.

“I honestly didn’t even know– being a lifelong sports fan– that you can work in sports,” Dabb said. St. Joe’s started offering Sports Marketing as a major during her first year. After realizing this, she quickly settled on a career path.

To begin her professional career, Dabb became a Director of Marketing for the Philadelphia Union at 24 years old, saying that it felt weird telling people that are older than her what to do. She started off by applying anywhere in hopes of landing an interview. She started off as an Administrative Assistant for the Union, working as an hourly employee. She had to work her way up.

“It was through hard work, determination, and continuing to execute on the things that they assigned to me that I was able to continue to grow within the Union,” Dabb said.

Dabb spent a lot of her time giving tips to the students in attendance. She mentioned how, unlike big corporations, the sports industry is made up of a smaller number of people. With bigger companies, you can fly under the radar, but not in the sports industry. One week you can have a job, the next you might not.

Another great tip that a lot of students took note of was Dabb telling students that the bigger the fan you are of the team you’re applying for, the more it could hurt you.

“Being a student, if you’re going for an internship, don’t ever say I’m a huge fan of the team. I don’t care. In most cases, I wouldn’t hire you because I’m worried that you’re going to be distracted and not do your job,” Dabb said

Overall, Dabb left an impact in the room. Not only did she show students that with hard work and dedication, you can work your way up to any job you want in the sports industry, but she helped students out individually in figuring out how they can achieve their goals.

“Pizza With The Pros” will return in the Spring, continuing to bring in more amazing speakers.

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