Rowan Political clubs answer: What do you think is the proper solution for the Israeli-Hamas War?

Rowan Political

Rowan Republicans

Aniket Shafin, public relations chair of the Rowan Republicans 

“The Israel-Palestine issue is a delicate and often polarizing topic. The United States has historically maintained a strong alliance with Israel, considering it a key ally in the Middle East. This alliance is rooted in shared democratic values and strategic interests. However, we should also recognize the importance of a lasting and just resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, advocating for a two-state solution and supporting diplomatic efforts to bring stability to the region.”

Thomas Paprzycki, senator of the Rowan Republicans 

“The atrocities committed on Oct. 7th by the Hamas terrorist group are disgusting and must be condemned outright. However, the near indiscriminate shelling of the city of Gaza where millions of innocent people live by the IDF [Israel Defense Forces] is inexcusable and must also face international condemnation. It is in America’s best interest to cut off supply to the Israeli military to save face in the region and send aid to refugees in south Gaza.”

Rowan Democrats 

Nick Williams, president of the Rowan Democrats

“As we mourn for the tremendous loss of innocent lives on Oct. 7th, we recognize that the attacks by Hamas do not justify the deadly Israeli occupation of Gaza. Since Israel’s latest attacks, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has said that Gaza is becoming ‘a graveyard for children.’ This humanitarian crisis requires immediate attention. The US must initiate ceasefire negotiations, demand an end to Israel’s occupation, and ensure the safe passage of humanitarian aid into Gaza.”

Hunter McLain, PR chair of the Rowan Democrats 

“It’s beyond time to call for a ceasefire. Thousands of innocent civilians across Gaza, Israel, and the West Bank have perished at the hands of a war they did not wish to be a part of. In this time we must identify who’s truly in need of funding and humanitarian aid–cease the occupation and rebuild what Palestinians once called home.” 

Rowan Progressives

Durwood Pinkett, president of Rowan Progressives

“While an adequate conversation about dismantling the current conflict lies outside of the scope of this statement, it is clear that the primary financial and political sponsor of the ethnic cleansing and displacement of the Palestinian people is the United States of America. Therefore, our focus must lie in dismantling the systems of exploitation that extract wealth from the working class to fund the ongoing genocide in Gaza and the West Bank.”

Zobia Bokhari, vice president of Rowan Progressives

“Any potential solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict must take into account the legacy of settler colonialism and occupation that Palestinians have suffered under for the past 75 years. I am a firm believer in the idea that the indigenous people of a land have the right of self-determination, or national sovereignty, and that no group of people, under any circumstances, deserves to be displaced from their homeland and ethnically cleansed by a larger colonial superpower.”

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