Office of Military Services offers insight into Military Appreciation Week

Military Appreciation Week took place between Nov. 3 and NoV. 11 and aimed to show support to individuals who serve across different branches of the U.S. military. - Graphics Editor / Julia Quennessen

Military Appreciation Week took place from Nov. 3 to Nov. 11, and throughout the week, Rowan’s Office of Military Services held a series of events. Many students on campus have heard of military appreciation week, but many do not know what it entails. Beth Sosnoski, the Military Services Coordinator, and Travis Kaiser, a Rowan Alum, of the Office of Military Services offer insight into military appreciation week and much more. 

“Our main responsibility is to process the VA education benefits that service members or their families are awarded by the Department of Veterans Affairs. And we process that to the VA on behalf of Rowan,” said Sonoski.

Among other things, Rowan’s Office of Military Services offers different workshops and networking. Travis Kaiser, who is a veteran, offers a different perspective on the office of military services.

“It afforded me a better insight into the process that goes into me being able to utilize my benefits. And it was interesting to me to work with Beth and Connie, and just kind of see all of the legwork that goes on just for me to go to school for free,” Kaiser said.

Non-military students might think they have no place in Military Appreciation Week as its purpose is to show support for military students. However, there is something everyone can contribute and take away from this week.

 “All students can take away something from this week. Like today’s event, they’ll learn about some of the struggles that our military students face when coming to college that may be different from your own. And also it is a time for anybody in the Rowan community to learn about the different things that students go through,” said Sonoski.

Found on Rowan’s web page under military services, some of the events featured during military appreciation week include Thank a Vet Thursday, Military Appreciation Football Game, Toys for Tots Drive, and Mindfulness Monday. At the Toys for Tots Drive, you can donate unwrapped toys until Dec. 15.

“We try to expand every year. And I think the dynamic of the services that we support to students has expanded over the years and continues to evolve and change based on what our student populations need,” said Sonoski. 

For more information and updates from the Office of Military Services, contact (856)256-4233 or

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