Spooky sounds & creative costumes: A Halloween night to remember at The Fun House

A night filled with spooky sounds and creative scary costumes at The Fun House for their Halloween concert. — Contributor / Jenna Ascolese

The Fun House venue in Glassboro held a concert last Thursday. The appreciation for Halloween was more than evident in this room as music lovers showed up with their unique costumes ranging from Wizard of Oz characters to traffic cones, and everything in between. 

The basement’s graffiti walls and dim lighting created the perfect setting for everyone to dance and enjoy themselves to the captivating performances put on by local bands. Performances by the bands Spud Mack, Monstertruck Firetruck, Stozic, and Memory Core tore it up on stage. The talent here at Rowan is undeniable, and everyone should jump on the opportunity to attend one of these concerts. 

Brad Mackenzie, lead guitarist of the band Spud Mack, spoke about the event.

“I think it’s such a unique experience. I’ve been to a couple of different schools and it’s nothing like this, we have such a prominent show scene. If you go here you should make it a bucket list item,” Mackenzie said.

Rowan’s underground music scene is well-respected. The bands make trips to different scenes at other schools, bars, and various venues in Philadelphia to showcase their talent all the time. The hard work they put in to make some great music and performances is more than evident, so take Mackenzie’s advice and check it off your Rowan bucket list. 

The social scene here at Rowan University is dominated by Greek life, The Fun House is a great place to switch it up and meet different crowds of people you might not run into in your usual spots. Several people in the scene commented on their joy over the fact that plenty of new groups of people have been checking out the shows this year.

“It’s a niche group at Rowan that I feel like a lot of people might not know about. The music is always different and always really good, knowing it is your peers performing and seeing the talent that’s at the school is also really special,” said Vanessa Hall a senior biology major.

Hall touches on a point that many in the scene can agree on- not enough people know how talented our peers are. So, get the word out and make your way to The Fun House or one of the several other venues on campus for a good time. It’s a great place to go to meet new people. You can even go and not talk to a single person, just enjoy the music. Either way, it’s a judgment-free zone and you’ll be glad you came out.

Tessa Wood, rhythm guitarist and vocalist of the band Spudmack endorses this sentiment:

“Everyone will fit in, everyone’s excited…it’s all about the freaks and weirdos.”

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