“Run for Ringo” is the motto as Rowan Women’s Cross Country prepares for the Border Battle

The Rowan Women's Cross-Country team's "Run for Ringo" bracelets in honor of their former Head Coach Derek "Ringo" Adamson. - Photo via Adam Krutman

The Border Battle is quickly approaching on Saturday, Oct. 14 and the Rowan women’s cross country team is motivated to compete hard at the event, where they’re usually under the guidance of now former Head Coach and Rowan legend Derek “Ringo” Adamson.

The team hopes to make him proud by finishing on top in the home meet that will be held in Logan Township, New Jersey. Adamson’s heir apparent and new Head Coach Eric DuBois is feeling excited and optimistic about the Border Battle, and credits Ringo for being a main contributor to the progression of the event throughout the years. 

“Ringo has been putting this thing together for years,” DuBois said. “It was his dream back when I was a student that we would have something like this, so to see it come to fruition with schools coming from all over the country here at home is awesome.”

One of the Profs’ two team captains Amanda McNally is hoping to see the team rally together following Ringo’s retirement. 

“I want to get our spirits back up,” McNally said. “I want to see us really work together. Obviously, the goal is to run as a team and run to catch our competition. As Ringo would say, ‘We’re coming to getcha!'”

Running at home is going to play a big factor for the Profs and McNally’s co-captain Cammy Wright, along with the rest of the team, is looking to take advantage of already being familiar with the course. 

“It’s definitely an advantage to be running at home,” Wright said. “It’ll be good to have some of our favorite people in our corners who will be in attendance, including our coach, Ringo.” 

The team wants to honor Ringo, as this course is his “dream,” according to McNally. 

“We know how this course is Ringo’s dream,” McNally said. “It’s just such an honor to run there right now because we love him so much and he loves that course.”

Despite the sadness going around due to Ringo stepping away, the team has welcomed DuBois with open arms and is thrilled with the job he is doing thus far. 

“Obviously, it’s hard to fill the shoes of Ringo as he’s someone who’s a mentor and a father figure for all of us,” Wright said. “I would say DuBois is doing an amazing job so far and everyone is really receptive to him.”

“DuBois is the best replacement for him,” McNally said. “He’s up for the challenge, he knows his stuff, and he learned a lot from Ringo.”

Coach DuBois is overwhelmed with how much the team has accepted him and is excited to be coaching this team.

“They have been so appreciative and I can’t say enough good things about them,” DuBois said. “It’s meant so much by how well they have brought me in.”

Wright is feeling very optimistic about the upcoming race and the season as a whole, as this is arguably the team’s best season in both McNally’s and Wright’s four-year career at Rowan.

“I feel like this is our best season yet as a team,” Wright said. “Everyone really put in the work over the summer and I couldn’t be prouder. The dedication and determination is going to take us all the way to the top and I think this is our year for the NJAC win.”

With the New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) Championships starting to come upon us, the Profs are looking to make a statement in their biggest meet of the season to date. Being at home will be a big advantage, as the team’s “Run for Ringo” journey begins at the Border Battle on Saturday, Oct. 14th.

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