Osterlof: Fantasy Football for the Profs

Fantasy Football for the Profs logo. - Graphics Editor / Julia Quennessen

Scoring points is the main idea of fantasy football. That statement sounds simple, but each week players are going to underperform. The idea is to gather players that won’t let you down.

The team you begin the season with shouldn’t be the team you finish with. The key way to separate yourself from opponents is to get the players who score more than ten points each week. 

Trading can be scary but don’t be afraid. Not every manager is partaking in trades, and that holds their team back. In some trades, you’ll need to give up more to get what you need. Don’t cling to players just because of their upside on any given week; consistent players win leagues.  

This week I have two players that I want you to go out and get. Each of them is certain to consistently put together well-scoring weeks.

The first player to grab is Zay Flowers. Flowers is a rookie wide receiver on the Baltimore Ravens. The advantage of being a rookie is that opposing teams don’t have film from previous seasons in regards to their individual game in the National Football League (NFL). Less film makes you harder to predict and boosts player production tremendously. Each week, Flowers is peppered with targets and is always wide open. 

The second player to acquire is Micheal Thomas. Thomas is a veteran wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints. Luckily for Thomas, he has the pleasure of playing with Derek Carr. Carr has been a quarterback in the NFL for ten seasons. The Saints love to move the ball through the air and so does Carr. Thomas has some of the best hands in the NFL and is always on the field. Volume is not an issue when it comes to targets for Thomas; Carr throws him the football all game long.

Trust that I’m giving you the correct information and follow my lead! Fantasy football is a game of knowledge, not luck. 

What are you waiting for? Go get these guys!

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