Osterlof: Fantasy Football for the Profs

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Fantasy football can be a roller coaster of emotions. Don’t be the person who jumps onto the rails and hopes for the best. Be the one who lays down the rails and takes control of their own destiny.

Go out there and make a trade. You can’t let the sauce stick, you have to keep stirring it. Set yourself up for success; trades must be made. 

Each week you need to have players in your lineup that are consistent. Don’t just read what I’m saying; understand what I’m saying. The players you gather need to be consistent; consistency wins leagues. Gather the players who score ten-plus points each week no matter who they play. Don’t be afraid to give up too much to get what you need out of a trade.

Previously mentioned players to target:

•Zay Flowers 

•Michael Thomas

•Puka Nacua

•James Conner 

Why they’re reliable: Each player is consistently targeted and is a focal point of their team’s offense. Offensive focal points are players who are involved in the game plan no matter who their opponent is. In other words, they are getting the football consistently throughout the game.

The player I want you to trade for this week is CeeDee Lamb. Lamb is a wide receiver on the Dallas Cowboys. Not many players in the league have the passion and grit that Lamb has. Lamb plays football like he’s mad; he’s out there with a snarl on his face. Each week when you go up against professional tacklers, you need that kind of attitude to be successful. Fortunately for Lamb, he plays with Dak Prescott. Prescott is a two-time Pro-Bowler who always finds a way to get Lamb the football. These two are comfortable together, like a pair of old shoes.

Let me clue you in on something else. It’s time to trade away D’Andre Swift. Swift has been tremendous this season and his value is through the roof right now. Swift has been injury prone in the past, and has been the main ball-carrier for the Eagles all season long. The weather is getting colder and defenders are hitting harder. Now is the perfect time to ship him off for two or three reliable players. 

If you’ve read this far I have an exclusive gift for you. Go over to the waiver wire and pick up Greg Zuerlein. Zuerlein is the starting kicker for the New York Jets. The Jets’ defense is great, and that allows their offense to stay on the field for extended periods of time. More time of possession for the offense means more opportunities for Zuerlein to get you points. 

Fantasy football is a game of knowledge, not luck. Tune in next week to see who I’ve got stashed up for you. 

What are you waiting for? Go get these guys! 

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