Rowan University students discuss the pros and cons of the new iPhone 15

The new iPhone 15 has sparked discussions on campus about new technology and whether or not an upgrade is worth the money. - Graphics Editor / Julia Quennessen

Apple introduced their new line of iPhones last month. The main question for consumers and students is whether upgrading to the new model is worth the hundreds of dollars or the increase on their phone bills.

Kayla Bowker, an art education major at Rowan University and resident of Medford, NJ, shared her insight on whether or not an upgrade is as important to consumers as Apple has been advertising.

“From what I remember there’s only one thing I’ve heard,” said Bowker. “It comes in pink and pink is my favorite color, so that caught my attention. I have the iPhone 14 and it came in purple. I think it’s nice and I got it a couple of months ago so it’s new to me,” said Bowker. “I usually upgrade like every two to three years, maybe even four years, or when my phone stops working.”

After taking a closer look at the technology being incorporated into the iPhone 15 line, there were a few more differences that seemed to stand out among consumers and the tech industry. Apple has finally begun to use USB-type C charging ports like their Android counterparts. This means that eventually, Apple chargers will become obsolete. Many tech professionals alike were surprised by this change considering the known goal of Apple: making money.

“That’s horrible,” said Kate Braun, an inclusive education major from Hammonton, NJ. “I don’t want to buy a new charger just for that. I heard the phone wasn’t even that good, apparently, it’s really fragile.”

Certain consumers are much more aware of the value of upgraded technology than others. Rowan public relations and advertising student Connor Pass plans on making the upgrade to the iPhone 15 later this year.

“It’s a lot more expensive to get those phones just for something like the action button,” Pass explained. “I’m a big Apple person so I probably would still consider upgrading.”

The action button is available on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max versions. This enhancement gives users the ability to customize their iPhone experience by picking and programming what their personal action button is responsible for triggering. While one person may use their action button to open their camera, another may use it to turn on their flashlight in an easy and effective manner. This aspect of the new iPhones is especially enticing to consumers who individualize their technology.

Of course, not all consumers are caught up in the fancy technology and sleek design and value of new phones. Some people want an upgrade simply because it is available to them. Alexandra McDowell, a marketing major and Saxbys employee, recently upgraded to the iPhone 15.

“I got the new phone because I damaged my iPhone 11 and would have rather gotten the new iPhone rather than just upgrading to the 14,” said McDowell.

Despite having access to the new iPhone 15 through her phone provider, McDowell’s experience has been less than ideal.

“I’ve considered taking the phone back and getting a 14 instead. It’s super glitchy and the screen takes up the entire phone which is a problem because it freezes,” said McDowell. “It’ll block like all of your apps sometimes the sound doesn’t work and you have to restart it.”

As redeeming features, McDowell does enjoy the pink color of her phone and the quality of the screen when it is not frozen and of course, as Apple always stresses, the camera is quite nice.

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