Sports agent Andre Buck speaks at Pizza With The Pros

Andre Buck speaks to students at Pizza With The Pros. - Photo via @RowanSportsCaM on X, formerly known as Twitter.

On Tuesday, Oct. 17, “Pizza With The Pros” welcomed sports agent, Andre Buck. He is the first sports agent to make an in-person appearance here at Rowan. Buck is most known for securing forward, P.J. Tucker; a 3-year deal with the Philadelphia 76ers back in 2022.

In 2022, Buck negotiated a 3-year, $33.2 million contract for P.J. Tucker with the Philadelphia 76ers. Buck currently represents more than 20 players in professional basketball leagues overseas. He also studied at the University of Delaware and works for Arete Sports Agency.

Buck’s career path started with him playing basketball at the University of Delaware. He would go on to play in two NCAA tournaments. Buck’s original plan was to become a professional basketball player. His backup plan would be to become a sports agent. Buck developed this passion when he was reading an article about how agents are always on their phones. Buck always thought that he was good at talking on the phone and convincing people, so he pursued it. Now look at where he is.

When Buck was still playing basketball, he told his coach what he wanted to do if his basketball career didn’t work out. His coach asked him, “Why do you want to become an agent?”

“I like to help people,” Buck replied.

Buck talked about P.J. Tucker a lot throughout the night, most likely since he is Buck’s most notable player. Buck has represented Tucker for 18 years. The way they met was very interesting. A guy who played basketball with Buck said that he knew someone he might like based on Buck’s playstyle. This person just so happened to be P.J. Tucker.

Buck would go to the end-of-the-season college basketball tournament in Virginia. This was a tournament that a lot of the prospects would attend. After the games, he got in contact with Tucker’s dad, saying the phone call lasted 12 minutes. Tucker’s dad liked him right from the start.

Before a flight, Buck had a phone call with Tucker himself. The phone call ended up lasting 7 minutes. After his flight landed, Tucker would call him back. Just like that, Tucker signed with Buck to become his agent.

Buck talked for a little about how agents are viewed differently based on how much money they make their players.

“I just do it to try and be right about something. See someone and think that they are good enough and figure out a way to solve it,” Buck said, talking about his mindset for his job. 

One student asked, “What is the most rewarding part of your job?”

Buck replied, “Seeing a guy you don’t give up on do well.”

Buck helped get Tucker traded to the Milwaukee Bucks. Milwaukee would end up winning the NBA Championship that season. To return the favor, they gifted Buck one of their championship rings. Neil Hartman saw him wearing the ring and asked, “How many agents get championship rings?”

“Not a lot,” Buck responded.

Buck likes to do things the right way, so if he thinks you deserve a certain amount of money, he’s not going to settle with anything lower. He also mentioned how he doesn’t give up on his guys and does everything he can to keep them relevant. He’s nothing like your typical agent, as Buck doesn’t give up on his players and makes sure they get what they deserve.

“Pizza With The Pros” will expand to the New York area next week with guest Craig Carton, who is most notably known for his talk and radio shows.

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