Seasonal stress relief with Campus Rec


With crisp air and turning leaves, students stroll around campus in their cozy sweaters and baggy jeans. As staff with black tees that read “Rowan Campus REC” set up their table, those same students strolling stopped what they were doing to look at what intriguing event was unfolding. 

Students approached Robinson Circle and were greeted by staff who led them to two tables lined with pumpkins, paint, and warm beverages. 

Rowan REC hosted “Fall Into Fitness with Campus Rec,” an event that not only promoted fitness but mental well-being. The event began at 5 p.m. and ended at 7 p.m.

Abby Charpentier is a graduate student who is studying mental health counseling. She was one of a few REC staff members who helped run the event. 

“The goal of this event is just to have a place for students to come, unwind, have the time, and also participate in our programs,” said Charpentier. 

There were smiles and laughter as students, accompanied by partners or friends, waited in line to sign their names and get to painting pumpkins. Beyond the table, there was a small stand consisting of warm beverages like hot chocolate and apple cider. To the side, there were little bowls of chocolate chips, marshmallows, and candy canes to top off the sweet treats.

Karleigh McCafferty was one of many students who attended the event. She is a senior psychology major who was accompanied by her friends. 

“I’m painting my pumpkin pink and writing ‘boo’ on it and putting bats all over it,” McCafferty said. 

As McCafferty continued painting with her friends, they began to discuss where they should put their painted pumpkins.

“We should put these on our front porch,” McCafferty said. 

It wasn’t all for fun, the event acted as a stress reliever for students ready for a break. 

“It’s helping me honestly go outside from our house… I like to paint and [it] puts me in a good mood,” McCafferty said. 

Kelsey Quinones is a sophomore exercise major and one of the friends who came with McCafferty. She also works at the REC center.

“[Tonight’s event is] just to promote the fitness center and what we do. We actually have a yoga class tonight so hopefully, we have a good attendance,” Quinones said. 

She enjoyed hot chocolate and laughs with her friends and colleagues. Quinones painted ghosts on her pumpkin.

As attendees wrapped up painting their pumpkins, the sun slowly began to set. Finally, students grabbed the green yoga mats provided by the REC Center and began to set up. 

The instructor set up her mat and welcomed all those who decided to join. Before she started, she thanked everyone for coming. 

Ashley Miller is a freshman sports communication and media (Sports CaM) major. 

“It really calms you down and it helps with stress and anxiety,” Miller said. 

Yoga has many benefits for the body and mind. Not only does it promote physical well-being, it also promotes a healthier mindset and outlook. 

Sophia Bermudez is a sophomore marketing major. She enjoys practicing yoga. 

“I feel kinda rejuvenated. When I finish yoga I feel more relaxed, it helps my anxiety and to stay in the moment and it really connects you to your body,” Bermudez said. 

After a relaxing two hours of painting and yoga, the event came to an end as the sun fell below the horizon.

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