Rowan University’s Centennial Celebration: A spectacular “100” photo story


The Rowan University community, past and present, joined together for a momentous occasion that went down in history. Students, faculty, staff, and esteemed alumni were invited to be part of an extraordinary photo shoot that commemorates the school’s hundred years of academia. 

Under the brilliant leadership of President Ali Houshmand, Provost Tony Lowman, and Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students Kevin Koett, all came together to create an unforgettable image on the University Green — a colossal “100” that symbolizes a century of academic excellence.

Every participant proudly don a special centennial t-shirt, uniting them in this remarkable endeavor. As they united to form the “100,” everyone enjoyed the rhythmic beats of music, savored delectable food, and reveled in the joyous atmosphere. The photos and videos captured during this event will be preserved in the university archives and shared across social media and recruitment publications, ensuring that this moment resonates through the ages.

These photos, however, will give you a glimpse of the events as they unfolded if you were unlucky enough to miss the historic event!

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