Family-owned, Vicki’s Tacos brings authentic cuisine to High Street

An order of one chicken taco and one carnitas (pulled pork) taco. - Staff Writer / Jose Ascencio

Vicki’s Tacos is the newest restaurant that is gaining notoriety for its variety of Mexican food but above all, its tacos. This is a family-owned business that is located on the corner of 114 High St. W, just off of Rowan Boulevard. 

Vicki’s Tacos is owned by husband and wife Florian and Petra Romero. The couple are from Puebla, Mexico but now reside in Washington Township. Petra Romero runs the day-to-day business activities. While Petra never imagined owning a restaurant, she credits her husband’s hard work and vision.

“It’s his dream. I’m content with this place and thankful that he made this possible,” said Petra. “I support him, I like to work, I like to cook, and I just like to help.”

Petra relies on her husband’s 15 years of culinary experience and recipes to make sure everything tastes amazing. Everything is made fresh and they provide many different tacos such as birria, chicken, shrimp, fish, and steak. Not only are tacos on the menu but the customers can also order burritos, nachos, and enchiladas. The portions of the plates are a huge hit with the customers. Erann Dutton, 37, who works for Rowan’s Office of Contracting and Procurement, had a memorable first-time visit. 

“I came in and it’s a super simple process to order. I got the chorizo tacos and the shrimp tacos. They came out in huge plates, and they came out overstuffed, in a good way. There’s plenty of filling from the main ingredient,” said Dutton.

When walking through the doors she enjoyed the cultural, yet simplistic look of the restaurant.

“It definitely came off as a traditional taco place. Like a ‘hole in the wall.’ Usually the ‘holes in the wall’ are like the good finds,” Dutton said.

On average, each taco is priced at $4.50 but all their taco servings will come with a side of cilantro, radishes, cucumbers, and lime. Each plate also comes with red or green salsa for extra flavor. For extra authenticity, they sell freshly made drinks such as horchata, hibiscus tea, and melon water to name a few. 

This isn’t the first time that the Romero family delved into the food industry. They used to own another restaurant but due to the pandemic, they had to close it down. While that restaurant was open, Petra was pregnant but still helping run the business. The pregnancy with their daughter is why her husband decided to name the new shop Vicki’s Tacos, after their daughter. 

“He tells me (Florian), it’s because she was there when the dream began,” said Petra. 

The dream this family has is one that embodies the American dream. Florian and Petra have experienced the worst of times but are now experiencing some of the best. The community has responded well to their tacos and yet the Romero family keeps a humble mentality but wouldn’t mind seeing the dream grow.  

“We just want to maintain and always offer the best. But a bigger place would be a dream,” said Petra. 

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