An evening of costumes and cosplay at Discovery Hall

The Anime Club and The Asian Cultural Association give a presentation on cosplaying and costumes. - Staff Writer / Brendan Cohen

With the cold crisp autumn air and the changing leaves, the time draws ever closer to the well-enjoyed holiday of Halloween. Students all across campus have been quickly getting into the Halloween spirit by dressing up in costumes and going to parties or get-togethers. 

The Anime/Cosplay Convention was held at Discovery Hall on Friday, Oct. 27th, and was made by a collaboration between the Anime Club and the Asian Cultural Society. Both clubs also gave a conjoined presentation about the differences and history between dressing up in costumes and cosplaying. 

The President of the Asian Cultural Association, Lucas Vu, a senior biology major worked hard to make sure the event was successful.

“Rowan’s been throwing events up campus related to Halloween,” said Vu. “Since everybody’s dressed up anyway, might as well you know, take advantage of the fact and throw in a little cosplay convention for everyone here.” 

While the event was happening, attendees enjoyed food and drinks and played video games. Students also took pictures together in costumes with huge smiles on their faces. Both clubs took part in a Jeopardy game consisting of categories such as “Anime Tropes” and “Cosplay.” To top it off, participants who dressed up had the opportunity to compete in a cosplay competition with prizes for the winners. 

Aiden Cooper, a senior molecular and cellular biology major, and President of the Anime Club expressed his excitement for this event to be held next year.

“If we do this event next year, I think it would be a very good idea for us to do that,” said Cooper. 

Both clubs hope to collaborate more often in the future and hope for more students to come out and experience the fun and educational elements of these events.

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