BID holds second round of model squad tryouts

Creative Director, Janiyah Harris instructs individuals on drills that will be needed for the runway. — Contributor / Essence Holman

Lights, Camera, Action! — the glamour and allure of the fashion world are calling out as Beauty in Distress (BID) Platinum Model Squad prepared for the second round of tryouts. Returning models and aspiring models had their time to shine and take hold of the opportunity to make their mark in the fashion industry at Rowan University.

BID is a fashion design and entertainment organization at Rowan University who are committed to diversity and inclusivity. The 2nd round tryouts were held Tuesday, Oct. 5th, from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the Chamberlain Student Center, where new faces wore all black.

After the remarkable response during the initial round of auditions, the BID Platinum Model Squad unveiled the subsequent phase of their quest for new talent. Beyond simply encouraging individuals to pursue their aspirations in the fashion industry, this organization is committed to emphasizing the importance of beauty, individuality, and above all, self-assurance to ensure a successful life.

Along with BID’s E-board members and previous experienced models introducing themselves, an icebreaker in which applicants answered pageant-like questions was the perfect way to kick off BID’s 2nd Round Tryouts. 

However, to dive deeper into the tryouts, Janiyah Harris, the creative director, and judge, took the initiative and began instructing individuals that would eventually lead them into the final tryout. 

Runway etiquette techniques, such as body posture and facial expressions, were imparted to the participants, emphasizing the significance of creating a strong visual impact not just for the models but also for the audience. Other E-Board members also shared additional tips, including not walking to the beat, keeping forward eye contact to prevent falling, and the idea of “giving face” to keep the audience intrigued.  

Mi’yearah Jordan-Labree Wilkins, an experienced model, judge, and president of BID shares what she is looking for in new models, and the importance of this organization.

“I’m looking for confidence, someone who’s willing to learn, and someone who can put the work in for us. Beauty in Distress brings confidence to the Rowan campus, I feel like it’s a place for creators to come together and hone in on their skills. This is also a safe place for people who want to be models who don’t have the opportunity to do it outside of Rowan,” Wilkins explains. 

Model Gabrielle Green-Smith shares the impact of her background and appearance on her choice of being a part of BID. 

“As a little girl I always loved fashion and being on stage. So, combining the two was great for an organization such as this. Also, knowing that I have a really good walk and being confident in the way I look, especially my hair makes me stand out,” Green-Smith said.

Once the judges and other E-board members of BID had finished instructing the new participants on modeling techniques and tips, all the while maintaining an encouraging atmosphere, it was time for the actual auditions. 

During the auditions, each new participant was given a number for future reference. In this phase, all the fresh faces were challenged to remember and apply the techniques they had learned while adding their personal flair to captivate the judges with an exceptional runway performance.

With auditions coming to an end, judges thoroughly recorded their performance, took photographs, and collected information. This process will be the foundation of shaping the best team. Each participant’s characteristics and skill on the runway are now undergoing thorough evaluation, which will lead to the next phase of these auditions. 

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