Meet the two Rowan Football quarterbacks who are looking to make their mark

Thomas Goldsborough's headshot. Goldsborough has thrown for 374 yards and four touchdowns on 59% completion in three games this season. - Photo via Rowan Athletics
Noah Brunatti’s headshot. Brunatti has thrown for 148 yards and one touchdown on 54% completion in three games this season.

The Rowan football team entered the 2023 season with a question mark on who would be the one taking snaps under center. Two sophomores are still fighting to show that they are the answer.

Noah Brunatti and Thomas Goldsborough entered the off-season knowing they were the frontrunners to potentially be named QB1. Both quarterbacks spent last season behind senior Mike Husni on the depth chart, but they had different paths that led them to this opportunity.

Goldsborough played his high school ball at Kent County High School in Maryland. After graduating high school in 2022, Goldsborough committed to playing for Southern Connecticut State before deciding to transfer to Rowan University midway through the 2022 season. Football was not the first sport that Goldsborough fell in love with, though.

“I grew up playing lacrosse and basketball and didn’t get started playing football until high school,” said Goldsborough. “I didn’t even start out as a quarterback, I was actually the starting running back and then took over as our starting quarterback, and the rest was history after that.”

Goldsborough also talked about what he loves most about the position and why he chose to play quarterback at the college level.

“I like the work and pressure that comes with it,” said Goldsborough. “Not everyone can play quarterback, it takes a special person to play that position and if you’re that special why not do it.”

Noah Brunatti got his first experience playing quarterback at Lacey Township High School in New Jersey. Brunatti, as freshman for Lacey, took over for their senior quarterback after he went down with an injury.

Unfortunately for Brunatti, he broke his collarbone during practice and missed the remainder of his first year. However, in his sophomore year he returned as the starter. The entirety of that season helped him realize what he wanted to do after high school.

“We were in the state playoffs and played against some good teams and we were pretty successful,” said Brunatti. “After the season, that’s when I really thought that I can continue to be successful playing at the college level.”

For Brunatti, the choice of where his football career would continue was made crystal clear. One day during his senior year of high school, he got a chance to work out with then-junior Profs’ quarterback Mike Husni, who made a lasting impact on Brunatti.

“He was one of the reasons why I came to Rowan, the opportunity to sit behind and learn from
him was one I couldn’t pass up,” said Brunatti. “The way he approaches the game, he’s always
confident and a great leader. That’s the role I’ve continued to take after.”

Husni graduating gave both Brunatti and Goldsborough an opportunity to get their first real reps of college football.

Head Coach Jay Accorsi got to see first-hand throughout training camp how the competition between Brunatti and Goldsborough has been healthy for both quarterbacks and how it’s made them get better.

“Competition is always healthy, especially when it comes to sports,” Accorsi said. “I’ve seen
Thomas [Goldsborough] and Noah [Brunatti] throughout the off-season and training camp really push each other to bring out the best in one another.”

With that level of competition, you may assume that there is a slight level of animosity between the two athletes. That cannot be farther from the truth.

Both Brunatti and Goldsboroguh were asked to describe the relationship they have with one another.

“Me and Noah call ourselves the one-two punches, we make sure to support each other on and off the field,” Goldsborough said. “That is my brother, I know we are always going to be there for each other.”

Brunatti echoed a similar response.

“We lift each other up, on and off the field,” Brunatti said. “We’ve already agreed to keep the football stuff on the football field and to make sure we have each other’s back because at the end of the day we
want the same thing and that’s to win football games.”

Since the season began, both quarterbacks have gotten significant playing time. Brunatti got the start in the opener against Stevenson University and Goldsborough started in the Profs’ next two games against McDaniel College and Ursinus College. Throughout these games, Coach Accorsi made sure to sprinkle in both players to get each comfortable with the increase of game speed in college ball.

Both quarterbacks are looking forward to Saturday, Sept. 30th, where the Profs will look to hand No. 9 ranked Johns Hopkins University their first loss of the season at Richard Wacker Stadium in Glassboro.

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