Rowan Wellness Center and REC work together to help students thrive physically and mentally

Rowan's Wellness Center and REC Center collaborate with wellness initiatives. Photo via Rowan

Rowan University offers a number of health and wellness programs that offer support to students and staff. In an effort to enhance these programs, the Recreation Center (REC) and the Wellness Center will be forging a new collaboration this year on events and programs throughout the school year. One of these plans is for a new adult playground on campus. 

Kevin George, director of campus recreation, was excited to share that both the REC and Wellness Centers are involved with an initiative that hopes to bring a park and adult playground to Rowan’s Campus. It’s planned to be located behind the Student Center, near the outdoor basketball courts. The idea is for students to come outside after class or after they have had lunch, possibly swing on some swings, and connect socially with others.

“It’s all about play and rest,” said George. 

The Rec and Wellness Center has programs that students can take advantage of now as well, like group therapy, workshops, and exercise classes.

According to George, “The goal of the Rec Center is to support the holistic well-being of all Rowan students, as well as Rowan staff members.” 

There are several types of well-being that are addressed at the Rec Center: physical, social, and emotional. Particular emphasis was placed on social well-being and the importance of people connecting with others. He went on to say that they provide tools for personal growth that enable students and staff to be well and resilient. 

George noted the Rec and Wellness Center both take part in the annual Health & Wellness Expo which will take place this March. The Rec partners with a number of campus departments, including the Wellness Center, in offering health screenings and providing information about programs available at the Recreation Center. 

Ariana Blake, an office assistant at the Wellness Center, says they share the same primary goal as the Rec Center, to provide any type of support Rowan students need. They provide opportunities for the well-being of students through counseling, retreats, and programs that help students to grow spiritually and physically.

A number of offerings can be found on the Rowan Thrive page. Some examples of September offerings are yoga classes as well as an ADHD support group. In addition, a Chill n Chat session is being offered for students to unwind and connect with other students. 

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