King and Queens drop audience jaws at dRAHg

Maddie May Prime, Mr. Right, and Rosy
Maddie May Prime, Mr. Right, and Rosey Hart on stage. - Opinion Editor / Sylent Michaels

Rowan is not unaccustomed to drag events occurring on and near campus. The shows are typically a hit and the drag queens and drag kings never leave the stage without putting on a dazzling show. Rowan After Hours (RAH) hosted a drag show this past Saturday night and as expected those queens and king left no jaws undropped. With over 100 people in attendance, the night was a sassy success, a perfect way to celebrate Bi Visibility Day, which perfectly fell on Saturday, Sept. 23, the same day as the dRAHg show. 

Together, Rosey Hart, a Rowan alum, Daelicious O’Hare Mizani (Daelicious), Mister Right all joined together in the Student Center pit for the dRAHg show, hosted by the talented Maddie May Prime, also a Rowan alum. The event was put together by RAH, oSTEM, and the collaboration of the drag king and queens. 

The event featured the performers hosting a brief panel to talk about their life in drag, sharing their stories, as well as tips and tricks to get into drag. RAH additionally featured DIY projects such as watercolor painting, as well as a fully vegetarian food bar with peach pancakes, vegan chicken tenders, and seasoned potatoes. 

Maddie May Prime, the Drag Queen announcing and hosting for the event.

“We’re here tonight for Maddie, Maddie is my drag sister, she brought us together to just give you guys a little idea of what drag is, kind of where it comes from, how to get into it if you’re interested and to give you a hell of a show,” said Mister Right.

 “It felt really nice to be able to come back and share my art with the current students. It has always been a dream of mine to do that and I cherish and appreciate every single time I’m given the opportunity because I would not be where I am now if I didn’t see someone succeeding and think ‘I want to be like that.’ I mean, why I wanted to come back was just the same. My biggest wish is to be the reason someone kept going. Plus, I know how stressful college is. You all deserve nothing less than good quality entertainment and who better to talk about drag origins than someone who started by catching the 316 by Campbell library to get to shows in the city,” said Rosey Hart.

“I believe that drag can be the manifestation of everything and nothing simultaneously and separately as long as you are doing it authentically,” Daelicious said.

All photos by Sylent Micheals, opinon editor.

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Editor’s Note: The article originally misspelled one of the drag performer’s names. It’s Mister Right, not Mr. Right.