Breast cancer awareness rocks

Rocks in all shapes, sizes, and colors were painted to show support for breast cancer awareness. - Opinion Editor / Sylent Michaels

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is right around the corner. To celebrate and help raise awareness the Rowan Red Cross set out to create an event for students to participate in, and get down with their creative side to help raise awareness around campus. On Monday, Sept. 25 in Discovery Hall, Rowan Red Cross held a rock painting event. Many students came out to show their support for victims suffering from this illness by painting ribbons, bows, and hearts in all shades of pink on rocks to be placed around campus. 

Every year, in the United States alone, roughly 240,000 women and 21,000 men are diagnosed with breast cancer. While remission and recovery are possible if caught early enough, cancer is a painful and terrifying factor of life. When it comes to breast cancer, roughly 42,000 out of those 240,000 women and about 500 out of 21,000 of those men die due to breast cancer. 

Rowan Red Cross President, Yatra Patel, a junior psychology major with a Spanish minor, shared insight on why this event was held. 

“We are a service-based organization and the month of breast cancer awareness is coming up, it is October, so we thought that this would be a good way to kickstart the month, get awareness around campus, and also get the students involved in bringing awareness and also this project will bring together rowan students to share hope and encouragement and bring unity to the campus. And people who may be suffering and give them a sense of hope and strength,” said Patel. 

Patel supplied the event with a plethora of paints from pinks, whites, and red, to purples and blues. There were a multitude of different shapes and sizes of rocks for attendees to choose from. After grabbing a slice of pizza, preferred rocks, and paint colors, students quickly got to work painting their rocks. 

In the midst of painting, students had the opportunity to share their experiences or relations in regard to breast cancer and cancer in general. 

“I did have relatives who passed due to cancer so it’s very important that we bring awareness to all different types of cancer, and breast cancer is a leading cause of death among women and I really wanted to make sure that we are able to show commitment and solidarity, to provide strength and support,” said Patel. 

Another heartwarming sentiment came from senior communications major, Serena Klun, whose experiences with breast cancer amongst her family motivated her to attend this event. 

“I really have a special place in my heart for breast cancer awareness because breast cancer is in my family so I wanted to come out and show my support and it’s something great to be a part of,” said Klun. 

Serena Klun in the process of painting her rock. – Opinion Editor / Sylent Michaels

Alexa Diamant, a member of the Rowan Honors College and a junior writing arts major, gained a new perspective on Rowan and what they do with these thrive events. 

“I attended the sandwich making which was last Monday and I kind of opened up my eyes to what Rowan actually does for the community because at first I was like no I don’t know, but honestly Rowan does do a lot for the community so I am kind of glad that I can come out to these events and in full confidence just be here and connect with people,” said Diamant. 

Whatever the reason for attending was, students were able to come out and show their support for breast cancer awareness in a wholesome way. These rocks will be placed around campus and a lovely amendment of support. No matter what method is used, any support for cancer as a whole is beneficial and will go a long way. 

“I thought I would show my support by showing up today and painting these cute little rocks,” said Diamant.  

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