The latest in Rowan’s Alt. Scene: Tune Lagoon’s anniversary and new president elected

The band Spud Mack performs at the Tune Lagoon concert for their one year anniversary - Contributor / Ava Schubert

Another show was added to the books for the student-run concert venue Tune Lagoon on Sept. 15. Rowan students came out to support three local bands all of which are based in South Jersey or Philadelphia. The bands in attendance included Riko and Whaler Collective, Wallace, Tonight!, and Spud Mack. 

The show was hosted at the beloved house venue known as Tune Lagoon right here in Glassboro. Not only are attending these shows a great way to get out of your house on a Friday or Saturday night, but it is also an amazing way to support smaller bands from the greater Philadelphia area and discover new music.

In addition to this being one of the first back-to-school shows to kick off the new semester, Tune Lagoon also celebrated its one-year anniversary of being part of the music venue scene. Tune Lagoon is just one of many concert venues that are stationed in the surrounding area of Rowan University, which is owned and operated by fellow Rowan University students. 

Other Rowan show venues include Audiospace, Matte House, The Roosevelt, Funhouse, Back to the Garden, and most recently, THEIRS. Every venue brings its own unique elements to the table for the guests who attend performances, and they all successfully bring together an eclectic and creative community of alternative music lovers.

For many, the alternative music scene here at Rowan is a positive scene that promotes collaboration, community, and enjoyment. Hunter St. Pierre, the frontman of the band Spud Mack which includes five other members Carly Hulse, Tessa Wood, Alex Siegel, Brad Mackenzie, and Ethan Garcia.

“Rowan’s alternative music community is a fantastic place to grow and meet new people. Every venue and band brings each other up to make sure that the scene thrives, and is able to create an encouraging environment for new music to be made and shared,” St. Pierre continues, stating that he has been in the scene for around two years now, and still meets new people at every show, each with their own talents. “I love how supportive the community is. It truly is a one-of-a-kind experience we’re lucky to be a part of.”

What makes the music scene here at Rowan so special? Aside from the plethora of venues and bands, there are people behind the scenes who orchestrate meetings, plan shows, and overall keep the scene alive and functioning. This is done through Rowan Alternative Music Club or just RALT for short, which is a Rowan University-based student-run music organization. Students vote for other students to ultimately fill in positions such as president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, senator, and many more, for the Rowan Alt Eboard. 

As of the start of this semester, the latest president of this organization is Sammi Kantor, a current senior here at Rowan. Not only is she the newly elected president, but she is also the lead singer of the band Shark Earrings, which is located right here in Glassboro. Aside from Kantor, the band consists of members Max Adams, Mike Landolfi, and Joey Hess. 

Kantor says that she loves being a part of the alternative music scene, and finds it especially easy to talk to others because of the shared similar interests. As St. Pierre said, Kantor also feels like the strong community is what makes this scene so unique.

“Seeing everyone getting along, hanging out, and enjoying the shows is a really cool thing. I love being a part of it,” Kantor said.

The music scene at Rowan is extremely vibrant and ever-evolving. There are a multitude of hardworking, talented, and creative individuals working to make these experiences the absolute best they can be. Whether you have your own house venue, are in a band, help coordinate the latest upcoming events, or are just showing your support by going to shows and enjoying the music, you are adding value to this inspiring space. Supporting local music is essential to nurturing artistic talent, building a powerful community of individuals, and celebrating diverse sounds and views. 

If you have never attended a show or missed the last few: don’t worry, there are many more to come in the near future.

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