Rowan a cappella group holds auditions for fresh talent

Feel the music and join the Rowan a capella club. - Photo via @rowanprofecy

Profecy, Rowan’s tenor-bass a cappella group, held their auditions last Friday and Monday in Wilson Hall. Scouting for some fresh talent, the group had several students come in to make their voices heard. A cappella groups, like Profecy, are made up of talented individuals who create music using only their voices. You’d be surprised after listening that not a single instrument is used in their performances.

The potential new recruits stood in front of a panel of judges composed of several current members of the group. They came in prepared with a verse and a chorus from a song of their choice, and some might even be receiving callbacks this coming Friday.

“A cappella is a really unique and cool art form, especially collegiate acapella because it uses a lot of popular and contemporary music, so I think it’s really accessible to people who just like music and want to see it in a new way,” said senior music education major, Ariana Granda. Granda is the president of Profecy and gave insight into what it’s like to be in the group and what we can expect from them this year.

The group organizes their own performances often containing popular music and aesthetically pleasing choreography. Profecy intends on returning to the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA) competitions this year as they’ve done in some years prior. If you’ve ever seen the popular 2012 film Pitch Perfect, this is the same competition that is featured in that movie.  

If you missed the auditions this year and are looking for more musical communities to be a part of, stay on the lookout for next semester’s auditions. The musicians in this group are welcoming and passionate in their work and are seeking individuals who share those values. 

When asked about the best parts of being in this group, Granda said, “The bonds that I get to create with people. I think singing is a very vulnerable thing, especially when you’re in an ensemble where the only music you make is with your voice…I think we become a really close-knit group really easily because of that factor of being able to be vulnerable around each other and just being able to make something creative and getting to take risks.”

Don’t worry! If singing isn’t your thing but you still want to see an incredible and unique performance, the group will have their first performance Thursday night, November 30th in the Rowan Student Center pit. The event, “Rah-Cappella” is going to be an exciting night, so don’t miss out. 

“The other acapella group, Rowan Vocals, is going to be performing there. We are inviting two groups from Temple, two groups from Ryder, and two groups from TCNJ,” said Lucas Bergen, music education senior and vice president/music director of Profecy. Stay tuned, as the group is working hard and hopes to perform in shows even sooner than that. Good luck to all those who auditioned!

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